Monster hunter demo on 21st February.

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User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#11
I hope it doesn't have limits. Can only play x amount of times, etc. At least let us play a quest or two as much as we want until the game domes out.
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User Info: McmadnessV3

4 years ago#12
It will also have voice chat.

Through the game pad itself which is great.
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User Info: huyi

4 years ago#13
will the UK eshop be getting the demo though? it doesn't say.
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User Info: xXSmash_BrosXx

4 years ago#14
Now we dont have to go to Gamestop to try out the demo this time..
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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#15
Good, I've never tried the series before, so I could use this.
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