How does everyone find time for all the games coming out?

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User Info: messhiauned

4 years ago#11
jackorhoads posted...
Im in the final year of a degree and got like 6 games I haven't even played yet. Idk how people can play the amount they do.

Me neither. I'm done with school (for now) and I work full time but my life isn't all that hectic and I really don't get to that many games. I don't understand those people that have somehow platinumed a game a day after it came out.

User Info: NiftyManZ

4 years ago#12
I did get out a lot, but many if my friend were gamers and we would play halo, smash bros, etc etc and party together. Our college campus held game tournaments for charities every other week in our HUB.

I didn't know that playing video games in college was a bad pastime. Guess I lived life incorrectly by having fun with my friends.
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User Info: fon1988

4 years ago#13
You guys make a good point, I just see so many posts regarding people having nothing to play or waiting for new game releases and I just didn't understand where they get the time from.

Right now I am juggling college classes, a job, friends, family, and a girlfriend so playing through my current games takes forever, and here comes a ton of new ones this year.

My backlog is about to explode haha

User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#14
Big backlog.
Just started with Deus Ex Human Revolution.
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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#15
Having a well paid job with ridiculously short hours helps
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User Info: fon1988

4 years ago#16
wingo84 posted...
Having a well paid job with ridiculously short hours helps

Just out of curiosity, what kind of job do you have?

User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
4 years ago#17
Rasputin77 posted...
How does everyone find time for all the games coming out?

I don't. My backlog is hideous. =(

That. The backlog will never go away.

Mine is mostly made up of stuff from more recent generations since I no longer have access to anything I played on NES or SNES growing up, only ever played N64 at friends' houses, and don't have a working PS1 or PS2 anymore. And mine is mostly Nintendo system oriented since very little on either Xbox has appealed to me and I started losing interesting in most of what was coming out on Sony's system around the middle of the PS2's life. So just between GC, Wii, various iterations of GB, DS, 3DS, all my purchases on Steam when I started using it last summer, and anything else that may come up for Wii U and in future Steam sales... Well, the games not started or barely started or otherwise left hanging at some point or another make up about 2/3 of my collection listed on backloggery.

And I got into The Old Republic (first MMO I've ever really had any interest in) about 4 or 5 months ago, so I actually haven't touched many games besides that one in that time.

(Hmmm, I just noticed that I never listed my Wii U games on backloggery when I got the system.)
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User Info: MicroByter

4 years ago#18
Over the years with job, family, everything else, I've gone from a console gamer to a portable gamer. My 3DS and Vita have been godsends!

Then the Wii U came out and now I can catch up on CoD, ME3, Batman and whatever else I haven't been able to play in the last few years, all on the Game pad. Some won't understand and ask why not game on a real TV. It's just not the same anymore. Too many little distractions and it's hard to monopolize a TV. Now I spend a few hours at night, sitting next my wife and chatting and still getting my game time in.
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User Info: The_Hyphenator

4 years ago#19
fon1988 posted...
I set aside a few hours a week atleast for games but there are just way too many that have been released and are coming out to keep up with them all.

For 3DS, and Wii U there is already enough to last me for months.

That doesn't include even touching my 360 which has tons of good games coming out too.

So how do you guys find time to keep up with and play all of these games?

I don't.

Seriously, I have an embarrassingly large backlog. Playing through it (or at least playing the games to the point where I'm bored with them) is my New Years' resolution this year.

User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#20
I work 40 hours a week and still get through a RPG if I really wanted to it's called saturday mornings and focus. If I get up at 6am and play till noon after 2 weekends I can beat a vast majority of games out there. I usually only play one game at a time beside having some online games but most online games I play are fighters so that's like half hour or so unless I really just want to waste big chunk of time. I don't watch TV for sakes of watching tv beside occasional sports game or like superbowl is the only thing I watch and that's more social with friends and family. So any leisure entertainment time is for planned games or anime.

I always get up at 6am just been that way since university for varsity sports like hockey and rowing. Also my current job I get up at 6am to go to work and get off at 4pm. I'm lucky because my consultant company has 9 hour days and a short 4 hour day on friday which I'm off at 11 am. It's for people that have cottages or to spend time with family if they leave city for travel time. So even if I don't have anything planned to leave the city I still have to wait till 5pm for most of my other friends/family to get off work and they need an hour or 2 to rest before doing anything. So I optimize my alone time, reason I do saturday mornings is that most people who don't have kids aren't awake yet and in university most students would be sleeping in so I just got used to that time for games or anime or visual novels.

Ni no kuni comes out next week I'm planning to play Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday evening. That's atleast 18 hours thrown down first weekend, then I slowly chip away at it till done. I do heavy intensive first time playthrough because I would never know when work will get busy or other family matters (sometimes company sends me to project site for a week or 2 and that could be half way across the country or in canada or south america).

I guess I'm lucky because I have the weekend and most of Friday and not every weekend involves going out or leaving the city. Ranka-Macross Frontier
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