I wonder when Nintendo will patch in a universal achievement/trophy system.

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  3. I wonder when Nintendo will patch in a universal achievement/trophy system.

User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#51
No good games existed before trophy achievements.

User Info: wisemidds

4 years ago#52
Probably 2015 when the 'next thing' is available! The Nintendrones will say how great they are and how 'Ninty' have innovated!
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User Info: wisemidds

4 years ago#53
DEKMStephens posted...
I don't like trophies, because they ruin gameplay. They often unlock at story check points, and then i'll have this big square hovering around ruining all sense of mood and atmosphere. Every single time.

Yes, I hear they can be blocked on Xbox 360, but I didn't have that console, I had a PS3 and they were a massive eyesore, often with too low requirements to have achieved anything (knock down 23 palm trees? really?)

What a load of none sense, the trophy notification is tiny and in the corner of the screen!
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

4 years ago#54
just feel like typing this:

Universal achievement is fine.

Like people said, there are nintendo games w/ individual achievements already. The difference between individual and universal achievement is universal achievement allow very easy comparison between 2 people. I don't have to go load up my game just so I can compare my achievements w/ my friends. If you think the sense of accomplishment is more than enough, then I say you either aren't very competitive or don't have friends to compare with.

The arbitrary level is pretty dumb though. To make it good, some one has to go balance each individual trophy/achievement so they are actually equal. That will take time. If you don't balance it out, there will be people buying/renting game just for achievement/trophy. Well, some publisher won't complain, that's for sure.

The argument that some people would not buy wii U version but will instead buy PS3 or 360 version is not valid though, because they wouldn't buy the wii U version anyway even if wii U have universal achievement system. Take a look at games that are both in PS3 and 360. If everything is equal (no skyrim fiasco), and the only difference between the two version is which universal achievement system they will get the "points" in, they would choose the one that matters to them, either the one they have higher level on it, or the one with more of their friends. Wii U would never be a consideration no matter what, since it's a new console.

But Nintendo probably won't make an universal achievement, because they wouldn't just follow everyone's footstep because everyone do it. They always try to find something no one else has done before. Sometime that's good, and sometimes that's frustrating. In this case I don't see enough incentives for Nintendo to make one. It will just end up looking like "me-too", and improving will actually take extra time.
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User Info: ShaunageAU

4 years ago#55
Nintendo are either too stubborn or too oblivious to ever change their mind on that one. I'm still not sure which it is.
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User Info: kjellboy

4 years ago#56
I don't think this will be something Nintendo will implement in their system. At least, not yet. Would be great addition, but it isn't really needed to enjoy the games. Want achievements, check out Uplay.
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User Info: Psychopulse75

4 years ago#57
Achievements are dumb. It's too similar to earning gold stars for good grades.
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User Info: Faceman_

4 years ago#58
I hope not. Trophies are a complete waste of time. I used to grind for days back when I was in high school. Used to just buy games to get more trophies. Nintendo doesn't need them. Uplay is an example of a "trophy" system I wouldn't mind though. Neat little unlockables that are there if you want them, but are in no way necessary or mandatory.

User Info: wisemidds

4 years ago#59
ITT something that offers longevity and replay value = dumb! Only for a Nintendrone!
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User Info: blinkfreak

4 years ago#60
After reading this topic it sounds like people are mad about trophies because developers put stupid trophies in and stupid gamers refuse to buy games without trophies in them. So I still don't understand why people don't want Nintendo to implement a universal/system wide trophy system that links to your NNID. The developers can chose if they want to actually access this functionality (just like they chose if they want to use miiverse which is universal/system wide) and you could chose to not have your trophies displayed to others on your account.

I am not a trophy whore and I don't really care about them but I think they are a neat addition and it can show people on miiverse what you're playing and how many games you've beaten. If a developer doesn't like it then they don't have to put them in. If you don't like them then you don't have to display them.

Why would you not want to give the option to developers or gamers that enjoy trophies just because the current mandatory systems are bothersome? If trophies weren't mandatory you wouldn't see things like "jump 100 times".
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