Sony copying Wii U controller

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User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#11
From: BigReed | #010
Gimmicks are a good thing.

Not sure when they became negative all of a sudden.

When gaming became mainstream and people felt the need to fight the companies battles for them like they have some sort of stake in the companies whatsoever.
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User Info: Pkshootout13

4 years ago#12
'and finally this last picture suggests that Sony is actually trying to patent stupidity' lmao that was hilarious
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User Info: icarus231

4 years ago#13
trav3901 posted...
I kind of agree with you there. It's a sad that people can't just understand we areall here for the same thingwhich is to enjoy frwgreat games, and have a God time while doing it. I really feel sorry for game companies all they are trying g to do is help people live out their fantasies that they will never be able to do in real life, sure they make a lot of money from it but deep down I truly believe that's not the reason they are doing it

I agree 100% also people seem to forget the more powerful the game the fewer games they will produce due to the cost and time involved. Id rather have 10 really good games with good graphics then 1 great game with great graphics. Maybe its just me but i just like to enjoy what im playing and dont care about the hardware specs. If i did i would be using my high-end computer.

User Info: 3D_Shado

4 years ago#14
Chadwardenn thread?

User Info: greatone101

4 years ago#15
icarus231 posted...
Wonder if the new information is true that Sony is adding a touch screen to its PS4 system controller. Guess Sony fanboys will stop calling it a gimmick now. Also with all these supposed high end parts that system price is going to be another $600+ .

I find it funny all the people that mock Nintendo and there innovation and yet every company follows them.

You do realize everything the WIi U can do with its gamepad the PS vita can do the same with the PS3 if developers were to properly utilize it.

And no, anyone that thinks PS4 will cost over 600$ is an idiot.

And if i recall Sega dreamcast had a Screen on its controller so does that mean Nintendo copied them too?

User Info: The_Boredoms

4 years ago#16
I paid 599 US dollars once to fight giant enemy crabs, and I'll happily pay that and more to fight even gianter ones with a controller that I will likely hate as much as I hate the gamepad.

User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#17
who's to say sony didnt start experimenting with it way before nintendo announced the wii U?
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User Info: nickvd8

4 years ago#18
OtakuGamera posted...
who's to say sony didnt start experimenting with it way before nintendo announced the wii U?

Lol.. I'm assuming you said the same thing when Sony came out with the PS Move...
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#19
They won't stop calling it a gimmick, they'll do what they did with the PS Move.

"Ours is better!"
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User Info: icarus231

4 years ago#20
Nintendo also experimented with it back in the gamecube days, but yes Dreamcast would technically be the first to implement this. I also remember reading the ps3/vita combo would not be as efficient and would have more lag between devices.
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