Zelda should have guns by now...

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User Info: BMac89

4 years ago#41
Link should be in plate armor also. not that green cloth dress from the forest ppl.
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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#42
Mixorz posted...
Like muskets. It seems like in Hyrule time doesn't go on, and weapons don't seem to advance. Figure if the games span several generations there should be guns.

Uhmm...you DO know that the series is split into 3 timelines, right?

Pre-split: Hyrule as a kingdom either VERY young or not established yet, event occurred causing sealing of Triforce & Sacred Realm (if not out-right creation of Sacred Realm, since it didn't seem to exist in SS), Hyrule only a few centuries old (and how many centuries did humans exist beyond the Bronze Age before the gun was invented?).

Timeline A: Hyrule all-but destroyed, advancement stopped, people barely living outside caves again. Advancement to muskets, etc. may have occurred in past "Golden Age", but knowledge lost.

Timeline B: Hyrule wrecked something awful by shadow invasion (before TP), still getting back on its feet.

Timeline C: Hyrule wiped-out, destroyed, gone, dead, finito, etc.; people scattered to the winds, new kingdom only a century old; advancement caused by remnants of new Hyrules' past; most likely timeline where gunfare COULD evolve...but this IS the "Toon Link" timeline...

You try to see how well a civilization in real life is able to advance if it gets stomped on multiple times. Besides, Hyrule has magic. Why make guns when you can chant a single spell and make stuff go BOOOOOOM!!!!

User Info: SmoshCuch

4 years ago#43
It's only been several generations? You realize that people used swords (etc) for thousands of years before guns were invented, right? Maybe by Zelda 128...

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#44
guedesbrawl posted...
the reason is because bows are a staple of the series.
any kind of gun would 1-up bows easily,just like all bows 1-up the slingshot.

Not really. A bow would work well as Link's sniping weapon, and I imagine a primitive Hyrule musket just sort of exploding out of the barrell. There would be smoke, recoil, and a long cooldown. It would clear space in front of you effectively in a short to mid-range blast, but not work too well at long range
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#45
Actually, Zelda has had guns before. The PeaShooter in the GBC Zelda games, cannons from a bunch of Zelda games, and probably a few more cases.
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User Info: Mixorz

4 years ago#46
Lol at people bashing guns. Bows are basically an archaic gun, most okay with crossbows do not realize it resembles a gun in every way except it shoots a bolt.
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User Info: tuznecote

4 years ago#47
I don't want Crossbows. Thats getting to close to the knuckle for my liking.

User Info: jojobinks

4 years ago#48
A gun would be nice, but only if it has the same fire rate as the bow. Maybe a secondary ranged weapon capable of hitting targets further than the bow could?

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#49
Why would guns be necessary? There's already the bow, and they won't tie in well with the fantasy setting.
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User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#50
Flintlock pistols, that is all.
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