Would the Wii U have sold better if Super Smash Bros. U was a launch title?

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User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#1
Would the Wii U have sold better if Super Smash Bros. U was a launch title? - Results (159 votes)
88.05% (140 votes)
11.95% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What do you guys think?

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#2
No. The biggest issue that Nintendo has still not addressed is the fact that western gamers for the most part expect a robust on-line experience, and there is not a game today on the Wii U that offers that experience. Super Smash Brothers, much like a another first party game in Mario Kart, need to have a substantial amount of consoles sold prior to releasing such games so that people can enjoy them on-line.

As a lifelong Nintendo fan, its really to the point in which Nintendo, a Japanese company, follows the gaming trends of Japan, and should focus their energy for the on-line experience with western game developers that understand it and can make games worth playing.

I mean NSMBU would have gotten a lot more play on my end if I could do co-op with my friends all over the country. Once I beat it, I was done with it.
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User Info: SonicFreak99

4 years ago#3
Yes, it would have.

Though honestly, I think a lot of people:

1. Don't know the Wii U is a new system


2. Have done their research and don't think the OS speed, online functionality (as mentioned before), games announced (Smash Bros or not) and tablet controller are all that appealing.


3. Don't care (especially with the casual market that have a Wii, Kinect, smartphone, or other gadget released between the time of Wii--->Wii U that satisfies them).

When you have a combination of casuals and hardcores that probably aren't that enticed by the system, especially at $350, I don't think Smash Bros would be the end all game. Sales would spike for a bit longer, and then you'd see the same performance we are seeing right now. The reason the Wii sold so much (especially to casuals) was because of the cheap price of entry and Wii Sports imo (Wii had the same drought though iirc). Wii U is more similar to GC due to more traditional controls (tablet) and I don't really see it catching on. Time will tell.
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User Info: LUlGI

4 years ago#4
From: DBPanterA | #002

Stop kidding yourself.

User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#5
(@_@) Spinda is watching

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#6
LUlGI posted...
From: DBPanterA | #002

Stop kidding yourself.

Even with Super Smash Bros. Brawl being released in 2008, it has around 11.50 million units sold globally for an attachment rate of right around 12%, which is respectable. However, take all the characters away and leave Mario to star in a game, and the attachment rate is anywhere from 20-35% historically. Smash Bros. does not sell systems.

Throw in the fact that most people think $350 is too much for a new console and $60 is too much for software, when adjusting for inflation it is the cheapest video games have ever been, and I don't see even with a Smash Bros. game at launch it would have changed much.
NNID: Minny612
3DS FC: 5155-2933-9036

User Info: Kourama

4 years ago#7
Of course it would sell better. The main thing the Wii U is lacking is amazing exclusive games. There are good ones that will be released soon but games is the main reason someone gets a new console.

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#8
It definitely would have, but it might not have done so well in the eyes of developers, considering their persistent complaint about not being able to compete with 1st party titles on Nintendo consoles.
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User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#9
No ****ING **** it would've sold better.
I'm just dickin aroouunnnd

User Info: The_Boredoms

4 years ago#10
The question being "would it have sold better" and not "would it have sold significantly better", the answer is obviously yes.
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