Miyamoto needs to go away. NOW.

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User Info: McmadnessV3

4 years ago#101
The_Shadow_Link posted...
pikachupwnage posted...
SL68 posted...
DarthFloaty posted...
He made Pikmin. That's not about princesses and kinghts.


No, it's about his own garden. Great.

Seriously, considering Nintendo made a huge loss last year and how bad the two latest, generic Mario games have sold, Nintendo need to drastically change something to survive.

That's why Miyamoto needs to quit to let the younger people at Nintendo take over.

And the nature of this guy as a troll is revealed. Well actually his first post did because he took the article out of context to suit his own hatred of miyamoto.

New super mario bros 2 has sold very well and NSMBU has a 60% attach rate on the Wii U.

I want to go back to this because it's a fun way of showing how statistics can be misleading. Whilst those facts about the Attach Rate and such are true. It still doesn't tell you how much less NSMB2 and NSMBU have sold in the same time-frame as NSMBWii did. This is more definitive with NSMB2 has been out for about Half a Year now and has sold roughly about, 4-5 Million. Not bad, many games would want that sale that's for sure. But Compare it to the 10 Million sales NSMB Wii made in 8 Weeks And you can clearly see that there is a major drop in interest. And NSMBU, in the same time frame has just barely sold 10% of that figure.

Now some of you will cry that "There are less consoles out there so less people would have bought it.", it's hard to buy that when Mario itself is considered a System Selling game. Many people brought a Wii just for New Super Mario Bros Wii (Really noticable with the sudden 10 Million Wii Sales over that Christmas Period when the game was released, sure it alone didn't make all of those 10 million sales, but it certainately helped.) and that's probably the only game they ever brought for it. Many casual people just buy the console for one game, be that Wii Sports or NSMB. And likewise it's the same case for these games. The huge drop between NSMB Wii and NSMB2 sales should be a concern for alarm. Possibly that having Miyamoto allow these games to get churned out per console is not a good idea.

Uh, Miyamoto doesn't have much of a say on the NSMB series. If at all, nor is it his decision when a game comes out, stuff like that is more for the board of directors and other executives.
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