You won't believe this WiiU stash I just bought

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User Info: livingonwheels

4 years ago#1
Deluxe WiiU console
2 Pro Controllers
Official WiiU Headset
Sonic Racing
Mario U
Ninja Gaiden
Black Ops
Assassins Creed 3

From some guy on Craigslist for only $400.I was hesitant and honestly a little nervous going to our meeting place,but it turned out not to be a scam.

User Info: trenton97

4 years ago#2
Probably hotter than a $2 pistol.
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User Info: b1gt0ne

4 years ago#3
you're right...
OMG that's the best deal ever! Now I'm gonna check out Craigslist every now & then for these deals. Why would he want to lose so much money by selling it to you and not selling it on ebay? I don't get it. Do you have a link to his/her page on that great deal?
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User Info: Dirk85UK

4 years ago#5
Isn't that like over a $1000 worth of stuff?
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User Info: Petey_Meanis

4 years ago#6
that's awesome!! post some pics!!
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User Info: dougsdad0629

4 years ago#7
Congratulations. You're gonna be on the news...and not because of the price.
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User Info: livingonwheels

4 years ago#8
It was round trip of around 4-5 hours because of all the traffic.I bought it because a few days earlier I traded my Wiiu.I didn't plan on it,but another guy on Craigslist posted a topic where he wanted to trade his Dell Precision M6500 Workstation for a WiiU.Even though I wasn't looking for a laptop,this one is worth close to a thousand dollars,if not more.It is in brand new condition.After I traded it,I rushed to find another WiiU.That's when I found that guy on Craigslist.I really thought it was a set up because when I got there he wanted to meet me behind an apartment complex.

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#9
Nice! And don't worry if they don't believe you... it's fun to watch them squirm. :)

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User Info: schadow

4 years ago#10
Did the seller have the receipt?
MageofBlood391 posted...
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