Anyone have a Wii U... and like it?!?!

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User Info: saff369

5 years ago#31
Yeah I have one, and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm excited to see what the future holds for this system.
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User Info: _Sovereign_

5 years ago#32
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User Info: 0bit

5 years ago#33
I like it a lot. So far I own Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, NSMBU, NintendoLand, Black Ops 2, Nano Assault Neo and ZombiU. The gamepad is innovative, and Miiverse is a fun way to connect with gamers without all of the negative bull$hit associated with regular internet forums. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the system.
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User Info: andrea987

5 years ago#34
SerOnionKnight posted...
I love it. Amazing system and really digging NSMBU. Great game to play with the wife even though she is horrible. Shh dont tell her though. i want her to keep playing with me!

Excellent post man, this is what gaming should (also) be. I love NSMBU with my wife and kids too.
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User Info: Mooby0308

5 years ago#35
Well since I am an adult and can afford more than just a Wii U I am happy. I bought my Wii U for Nintendo games we all know are coming.
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User Info: Anclation

5 years ago#36
I like it a lot, I just generally don't post on the board because of the troll infestation.

User Info: csalvi42

5 years ago#37
yeah I love mine. Sold my xbox 2 years ago and wanted to start up gaming again on consoles. Loving being able to play AC3 while watching the Aussie Open, and will be buying Rayman Legends in late February, but the lack of releases doesnt bug me one bit cause a fantastic Fire Emblem is about to come out for 3ds. I think nintendo, whether wisely or not, staggers their release based on waves of portable/console.

Jeez, 3ds alone in the first half this year is gonna be keeping me away from the console scene until pikmin releases, and when animal crossing launches...oh boy im done for.

I'm very excited for the potential of wiiU and like many else have said it has not even gotten close to reaching full potential. Games like AC3 run really well on day one, and it probably wasnt even bothered to optimize for the wiiU. Looking forward to what developers do when they put some real time and effort behind the product like with Wonderful 101.
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User Info: StarBladeEdge

5 years ago#38
MR_Smarty_Pants posted...
Sadly I can't say I like it since there are no good games out right now and none that are announced.

thats not the problem of the system

i like it it's like god made a system
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User Info: Andyliini

5 years ago#39
I love, bought 4 games at launch, and have finished all of them. Only New Super Mario Bros U 100% tough, games like Nintendo Land would take hours and hours (with luck needed) to 100% that one.

Sadly, not many announced games interest me that much. But I'll probably get Lego City: Undercover for some fun. And that doesn't really matter, since I have a huge backlog on other systems to beat.

User Info: The_King82

5 years ago#40
So many liars in here. Lying is a sin.
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