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Why do people want this system to fail so bad?

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User Info: aPimp_named_leE

4 years ago#1
i have no idea why. sure its not the traditional console of the modern era, but it has a lot of promise. it will never be as powerful as the ps4/xbox, but those in turn will never be better than computers, so i welcome gimmicks as long as they are used well and add to the experience. idk maybe i have low standards or am just flexible in my gaming and enjoy it in many different forms. i have played almost all the systems from the early 90's up till now and hope they all the current and future ones succeed... even though i hate the whole xbox live pay to play online thing. why wish for failure? is the world (well gamers at an rate) really that negative?
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User Info: hellbringher

4 years ago#2
No need to want. Nintendo is doing for us.
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User Info: jillwarren

4 years ago#3
Because it is different, and to many of them, Nintendo can do no right.

Take the controller. People whined and cried about how the Gamepad wasn't a traditional controller, so they release one which is very similar to the 360 controller, and then they suck because their controller is just a 360 ripoff.

In other words; they just hate Nintendo.
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User Info: SSJMario

4 years ago#4
Competition is good. Look what happened to Madden.

User Info: Toadster9001

4 years ago#5
Stating facts =/= wanting the system to fail

Why would I pay $349.99 for a machine on launch day and want it to fail?
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User Info: ColorlessMage

4 years ago#6
That applies to nearly all systems.Been happening for over a decade to be honest but around the 2005/2006 was when the infamous fanboy hate went to new levels.
It happen with the 3ds,happening again with the Vita and is now carrying on to the Wii U which will eventually lead to the nextbox and ps4.

The endless cycle of plastic hate is dreadful indeed.

User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#7
Because it doesn't have promise and we want a good console from Nintendo.

User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#8
Not fail per se, but it's fairly ignorant of Nintendo to charge $350 for out dated technology when they have billions in the bank

A price drop and serious investment into online would be generous.
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User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
4 years ago#9
Ignoring the obvious trolls like Icecream, Kirby and DemonDog (which I feel all are simply trying to rile people up), I dont think anyone here has claimed that they want the system to fail. However, the Nintendo fans take any criticism towards the system as 'trolling' or as wanting the system to fail. Talking about things Nintendo has blatantly done wrong is not wanting the system to fail. There's no denying the fact Nintendo has handled this system poorly, and that sales are tanking. Unless Nintendo pulls out some serious punches, and soon, the system is going to fail worse than the Vita.
I bought myself the system, I enjoy the games so far that I have for it...but im not going to sit there in some fog of delusion like some users on this site and say the system is perfect and sales are great. If some big announcements arent made soon, I'm going to seriously look into selling the system. People don't want a paperweight, they want a system with games, and right now there's next to nothing on this system.
"The Vita sold six times more than the 3DS so far" - n0matter
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User Info: TheFlamingC

4 years ago#10
I fail to see how it's going to fail worse than the Vita when it already outsold the Vita's lifetime in 2 months. Not saying that's it's impossible for it to fail but, to claim that it's going to be another Vita is more than stretching it.
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