My, my, the trolls are out early this year!!

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User Info: songwriter15

4 years ago#1
Should have expected it I guess!...... eg - Armoured Edition:- "Has gamebreaking framerate issues" / "All the "Extras" are just gimmicky" / I even read someone,seriously, claiming that "Having the map,etc,plus gadget selection, on the gamepad, was a DISADVANTAGE"!! .......And I could write similar words concerning virtually every other release on the Wii U so far!......Incidentally, PLEASE don't let any of these people cause you to miss a brilliant experience on the Wii U because of these, supposed: "framerate issues"! Trust me......there aren't any!! Not worth mentioning, anyway!!

No point in my listing, or quoting, the countless posts claiming that the Wii U has already "failed", (or will do in the next 25 minutes, or whatever!!) because you saw it all before, (when the Wii was consistently quadrupling the sales of the ps3 & 360 COMBINED it was still, constantly labelled a "failure" by the "hardcore-police"! :-) ), and we are going to be subjected to this kind of cr-p for the next few years so we may as well get used to it! ;-)

Personally, I'll keep in mind the likes of: "Galaxy", "Twilight", "Xeno", "Last Story", "D.K.", and countless others, and just relish the thought of the pure gems that are - and if I'm wrong I'll eat mine, and everyone else's, hat!! - going to grace this new console, over the next few years.......and that's without mentioning a new, and I have no doubts, brilliant, METROID!! :-)

I'm fully aware that all that's not going to cut any ice with the troll-brigade.........but it's sure as heck got me salivating already!!
Roll-on the future!! :-)

Take it easy!
Just my Opinion
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User Info: JosephDigital

4 years ago#2

Calm down.

User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#3
JosephDigital posted...

Calm down.

tl;dr version: Don't listen to the trolls, this is a reassurance topic.
(message deleted)

User Info: LUlGI

4 years ago#5
Whoops silly me

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#6
Too bad the Wii U games aren't out early this year.
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User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#7
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
Too bad the Wii U games aren't out early this year.

no i tried resetting game i even start violent slamming cartridge on wall but all it does make static noise when i put into DS, the problem not fix! -ReconUnit

User Info: monjamania2000

4 years ago#8
My, my theres too many topics about this
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User Info: songwriter15

4 years ago#9
Sorry buddy, but: "too many topics about"......What??

Take it easy
Just my Opinion
Still Living The Dream

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#10
Someone else who considers different opinions "trolling". >_> ... *sigh*

Wow, nature sure missed out with 12/21/2012 not happening... I'm thinking a species or two could have used a nice wipe. (Not naming names...)
Wii U board rule: If the topic title has ANY adjective with a negative implication... it's time to pee pants.
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