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User Info: Happy_Robot

4 years ago#141
From: fhsfootball74 | #131
Happy_Robot posted...
The only reason I'm reluctant to get a Wii U is because I'm afraid I'm going to scratch up the touchscreen on it. That's the only reason I haven't bought a ds, or 3DS too :(

Screen protectors

use them

Obviously you've never seen a screen protector. They leave bubbles.

User Info: Red_hot_smasher

4 years ago#142
johnluke728 posted...
Vincent_Core posted...

So Yahoo Games articles are reduced to opinionated garbage like this too? No wonder my little cousin was going on about the WiiU "failing", since he goes there for news.

Could've been worse, he could've been watching nothing but Fox News.
www.avaaz.org, www.allout.org, www.amnesty.org
All these organizations for human rights, and yet noone cares about the victims of copyright law. ;,(

User Info: guttertalk

4 years ago#143
Jackal posted...

You're comparing launches but the real concern is what the Wii U has to face NOW. Games plus new system announcements. This is the competition for the next few months.

The fact is that new consoles always have to compete with new releases on older consoles. Yes, it's something that gamers have to consider, but it's no more "real" than comparing launch-to-launch.

The launch-to-launch comparison is valid because it puts the Wii U launch in a historical context. Some are trying to make the Wii U to be in a bad position, but it's really no different than what's happened before, unless you want to deny the fact that the 360 didn't outsell the PS2 for several months.

So, don't discount the historical just because it doesn't fit what you want to want argue. It's a valid and true comparison.
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