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User Info: SuperShyGuy9000

4 years ago#61
Terotrous posted...
I love how one slow sales weak predicts doom, even though it Wii U still didn't even sell worse than PS3.

Yep, everything from falling from 70k to 20k and it's portable (PSP) beating the newly released console apples to the PS3 too.


Just another hit Wii U piece with misleading pseudo facts and double standards

User Info: TheFallenPriest

4 years ago#62
I stopped reading once they compared it to the PS3s sales. Everyone that has ever experienced a console launch knows not to compare it to how a previous gen is currently doing. They need to look at the previous consoles launch.

Once it gets more games is when the console starts selling. I hate the phrase, but it needs the "killer app" and nsmbu is a great game, heck the nsmb series outsells pretty much every game in existence, and a must have game for anyone that owns a Wii U, but it isnt a reason to buy a Wii U. I think this is where nintendo made their miscalculation. They looked at the previous NSMB sales and thought "Everyone will buy a Wii U because of this" when in reality, its in a strange place that not very many games have been in.

You would think that a series that has sold more than any other game its generation (except games from the same developer)would be the way to go, but it really was just a game that people got because they owned a Wii already. Sales will skyrocket once some other first party games come out. Pikman has a large and very fanatical fanbase. Once that comes out, it will make a big impact on Wii U sales, and once e3 comes, with some major game announcements, there will be an even larger interest.
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User Info: TheWhoFan

4 years ago#63
I'm such an insecure person that if the[system that I don't like] has any kind of success, my whole world will crumble!
"On a technical level, PC obviously. But because PC and Xbox have no games, PS3 wins." - ScreamingMidget
They don't even try anymore.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#64
Wii Fail


Final nail Nintenfail
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User Info: Asellus

4 years ago#65
Nearly twice the number of games that the 360 and PS3 launched with. And don't complain because several are multiplatforms and ports because those are common for any new console launch.

But that is a detail you really can't overlook. People buy a new system for new experiences. It's not even as if the Wii U versions of those games play any better than the 360 / ps3 versions (and certainly nowhere near the pc versions). You can't really claim multiplats as a strength of the system since outside of that launch window devs seem to be giving the Wii U an awful lot of the cold shoulder. No DmC, no Tomb Raider, no GTA 5, no Revengeneance, no Castlevania LoS 2...

Really the only reason right now I can see to own a Wii U is Nintendo first party titles but the problem there is they aren't out yet. The way things stand I do honestly think the Wii U is likely to die from lack of oxygen before they can arrive.

User Info: Shenji002

4 years ago#66

i think i heared this nintendoomed news before, maybe a dejavu.....
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User Info: TJSpyke

4 years ago#67
ChaoticOne327 posted...
They launched with virtually no games.

The Wii U is in trouble if they don't get some of their first party titles out soon. They launched with a handful of original titles and some ports of games already out.

and yes I know that most systems don't launch with a huge library I think if they were hands down trying to reclaim home system dominance and take out 360 and PS4 they needed to launch with a few more stellar titles.

Launched with no games? Wii U had, without a doubt, the best launch lineup EVER.

As for the article, the mainstream always says Nintendo is doomed. Last week in Japan ALL systems saw sharp drops. Where is the "Sony is doomed" articles? Especially since Sony is deeply in debt and most of their divisions are bleeding heavily.
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User Info: ClarkyMalarky

4 years ago#68
Playstation 3's launch was horrible, utter garbage. Now it's thriving.

Nintendo will be fine.
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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#69
no way is a nintendo pretendo systenm worth the amount of money they are asking for this thing. wii was $100 less than ps3 and xbox and provided $150 less worth of gaming. Thats why no one wants to make this mistake again
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User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#70
Annnnnd this is precisely why the casual gamer crowd should not be catered to forever, and why going mobile/IOS games only will eventually spell the end for a development company.

The game industry cannot be supported and run by people who don't give two damns about games in the first place and only see them as something to play on the bus, or for an hour or two a week. Those types of people aren't going to be spending any major amount of money on games, simply because they won't see any need.
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