If you could begin work on 10 new Nintendo games right now, what would they be?

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  3. If you could begin work on 10 new Nintendo games right now, what would they be?

User Info: gilgamesh21

4 years ago#21
1. The Legend of Zelda by Retro Studios

2. Star Fox Wii U by Retro Studios

3. Star Tropics 3 by Retro Studios

4. Kirby's Dreamcourse Collection by HAL Lab

5. Metroid Union by EPIC/Nintendo

6. Battalion Wars U by Bungie/or Firaxis

7. Paper Mario Adventure by Double Fine

8. Donkey Kong City by Rocksteady

9. Urban Champion U by Next Level Games

10. Uniracers U by RedLynx

User Info: -NotoriousLynx

4 years ago#22
1. Star Fox Blitz -- A Star Fox game made by Platinum Games.

2. Super Mario Wild -- A new Mario game which follows the Sunshine formula. No more relying on old Mario titles to induce nostalgia. Wild takes place in a wild western land and Mario gets a new gizmo, a lasso, which can be used to grab things from far away and also be used as a grappling hook.

3. Pokemon Snap U -- Use the Game Pad as a camera. Features a 'petting zoo' to play with the Pokemon. You can use the built in mic to order them.

4. Metal Gear Solid Complete Collection -- Twin Snakes, 2, 3, and 4 all remastered and bundled into a package.

5. Ice Climbers' Adventures -- A co-op download game that features in the Ice Climbers in gameplay that blends Catherine with Frogger's Adventure.

6. Nintendota -- DOTA clone featuring Nintendo characters.

7. Raven Blade -- Action adventure game under development from Retro which was cancelled.

8. Thunder Rally -- Vehicular combat game under development from Retro which was also cancelled.

9. Space Hunters - Metroid+Star Fox -- Metroidvania game which features characters from Metroid and Star Fox.

10. Xenotech -- Next game by the Xenoblade Chronicles team.

User Info: StarmanJunior

4 years ago#23
Maniac Mansion 3
Star Tropics 3
ActRaiser: Gods of Destruction
Soul Blazer Allies
Marble Madness Rally
Super Wizards and Warriors
Captain N: The Game Master
The Adventure of Link: Dark Sword
Jackal Re-Armed
Super Mario Wars
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#24
1) A new F-Zero game that plays similarly to GX. Improving on GX is obviously going to be super hard as it was already a nearly perfect game, but at the bare minimum we can bring back the X Cup and the Track Editor and toss in online play.

2) A new Metroid in the style of Other M, but with a handful of changes: Minimal Story, Analog Control for Samus, dodge move toned down, no more scavenger hunts, no more free recovery when near death, and return of the ability to backtrack.

3) A third game in the Excite Truck / Bots franchise. Again, it's not super obvious how to improve on Bots, but at the bare minimum it needs some balance changes to ensure you can't just hang back and get a ton of stars that way.

4) A Kirby 3D Platformer. Kirby is the only major Nintendo franchise that has not gone 3D. Not that the 2D games aren't good, but I'm curious to know if this can work. I'm pretty sure it'd have to have pretty wide open levels, like Mario 64 and other older 3D platformers, where you use Kirby's copy powers to explore the surroundings and find stuff.

5) A new Starfox game that plays identically to 64. It can be set after Assault and have the new characters if they want, but it has to retain the old gameplay.

6) A new Animal Crossing game that is significantly expanded from the old games. Animals now have quests for you, like in Rune Factory 3, and each has their own backstory that you learn about as you complete the quests. Unlockable classic games also return.

7) Nintendo Puzzle Collection 2 - Contains Panel De Pon, Dr Mario, Yoshi's Cookie, Wario's Woods, Yoshi, and Kirby's Star Stacker, all of which have online and some balance changes. Panel De Pon now has offsetting, like in Puyo Puyo, if you make attacks they cancel out incoming attacks, but once the blocks reach the top you have very little time to make a match before you die. Dr Mario now has enemy attacks fall much faster, preventing you from locking people down with repeated weak attacks, and making a chain will annihilate one bonus virus of that colour even if the pill isn't touching it. In Yoshi's Cookie, the abilities of the characters are less pronounced, and the massive bonuses, like score + anything more than 3, are now gone. In Wario's Woods, the thwomp falls faster and big chains make columns that aren't all of the same type. Yoshi and Star Stacker now have multiplayer, where making big chains sends garbage to the opponent.

8) A new Custom Robo game that has online. You can now swap out your parts mid-battle with a reserve set, and like in Front Mission your parts can be individually damaged depending on where and what you're hit with. There are also some longer battles in larger arenas where you have more than 3 opponents.

9) A new 3D Zelda game that takes cues from Okami - battle is more involved, Link can actually jump with the press of a button, and there are fewer areas where you're forced to fight all enemies to proceed.

10) A new game in the Mario Sports series. Possibly American Football or the return of Golf. In either case, it needs online support.
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User Info: IcedEarthaholic

4 years ago#25
1. Fatal Frame 5: Judgement of the Light - In this game, you get a better look at Dr. Asou's lifetime through the eyes of one of his descendents ala Eternal Darkness. You learn more about what drove him to do what he did, and create what he created.

2. Eternal Darkness 2 - Do I really need to get into this?

3. Legend of Zelda: Lunar Overture - You control the day/night cycle in order to spur events in the game. No idea of a plot yet though.

4. Gran Turismo-esque racer - Start it off with over 500 cars, tight handling, and tons of tracks to race on. Make it on-line playable with voice chat, and Sony will have a nice rival on it's hands.

5. Star Fox Commander - RTS based in the Star Fox universe in which the single player story will involve Fox being promoted to Commander in Chief of the Lylat Army and involve him not only taking on Emperor Andross and his Army in the first arc, but in the second arc, he and the Lylat Army have to take on a new species that threatens to wipe out the entire galaxy.

6. Fire Emblem: Kingdom of Darkness - Can't really think of a plot at the moment, but I just think the title is cool.

7. Earthbound 1, 2, and 3 HD Remakes - Available separately as downloads, or all three on one disc. Will have re-arranged soundtracks to avoid the stupid copyright issues.

8. Fatal Frame 2 and 4 HD Collection - Available with dual-audio option in both games. Just in time for Fatal Frame 5.

9. Castlevania: Orchestra of the Fire - Sequel to Aria and Dawn of Sorrow, takes place in 2040 and features the return of Soma Cruz and the gang.

10. Harvester of Sorrow - Hack n' Slash and new iP, could be pretty badass if done right. Don't have a plot idea or anything I just think the title sounds cool.
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