Halo or Metroid?

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User Info: Oni_Taedo

5 years ago#21
snae99 posted...
Love both series, but Metroid takes this with ease. I like the Metroid games I've played a lot more than the Halo games and Halo 4 is quite disappointing.

If I were to rank what I've played from both series:

Prime>Prime 2>>Halo 2>Halo 3>Prime 3>Fusion>Super>Reach>ODST>Halo Wars>Other M>Halo 4>Halo C.E.

I didn't really like Combat Evolved and it's definitely my least favorite Halo game, and Halo 4 is kinda underwhelming. 2 and 3 are definitely the best while the rest are fairly good.

The first Prime game definitely makes my top 10 games of all time and Prime 2 isn't too far behind. Super is a bit overrated imo, but still great. Other M is definitely the worst Metroid game I've played, but still decent.

This list is almost fact, he misplaced Fusion. It should be where Halo 2 is.
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User Info: ZvolTx

5 years ago#22

Hipsters everywhere!
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User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#23
They're different and I like them for different reasons. Sure, I don't play Halo any more since I got tired of it, but I still like it.

I'll say I like Metroid better just because I prefer it's style. I rather go around, find power ups that help me progress, shoot a few alien creatures and speed through walls than just run around and shoot enemies.
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User Info: Reedeemer

5 years ago#24
well that was one of the easiest polls...ever.

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User Info: Sephiroth99000

5 years ago#25
This is a ridiculous question. Halo and Metroid, even Prime, are nothing alike. The experiences that they intend to give to players are totally different.

Asking if Metroid is better than Halo is like asking if root beer is better than bananas-- Like, yeah, I guess, but what's the point of even choosing in the first place?
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User Info: StopTheTedious

5 years ago#26
Halo to Metroid is like Hammer vs Laser, please do not compare them.

User Info: ToastyToasty

5 years ago#27
zalak321 posted...
Halo has great Multiplayer, but metroid has awesome exploration.

I can't choose.

There's more to games than MP and exploration. Metroid destroys Halo in terms of characters, lore, style, atmosphere, settings, designs, etc. etc.
Just about the only thing Halo beats Metroid in is MP, and Metroid doesn't even care about such a feature, not that it should.

User Info: BluntGrunt

5 years ago#28
How can you compare them like that? Metroid's an action adventure (Prime is first person action adventure, not FPS, silly Gamefaqs) and Halo is a FPS. It's like apples and oranges. They're different.

So, what? I'm supposed to choose which one is the better shooter? Like, that's not even the best thing about Metroid. Yes, you shoot stuff, but it's more about collecting the power ups and exploring. Halo is all about shooting.

I like both and for different reasons. I'm not taking sides here.
ToastyToasty posted...
Metroid destroys Halo in terms of characters, lore, style, atmosphere, settings, designs, etc. etc.

For lore, Halo has a huge series of books running along side of it and more in game mentions of its universe than Metroid does.

You can't compare atmospheres. They're each going for a different type and each do it well.

The rest is basically just aesthetics which is purely opinion and I happen to like Halo's better at the moment.
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User Info: CaptainMoose

5 years ago#30
I'd rather play Metroid Pinball then Halo, though I would play that over Hunters.
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