Is the Wii U sales slump somewhat overstated?

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User Info: Tech_Guy

4 years ago#11
Sailor Goon posted...
Nintendo rushed the system to market, in order to beat the announcements of PS4 and 720. It's caused many hardware problems and a severe lack of games. Sales have drastically slumped across the globe. Media sites have talked about it, magazines have, game sites have.
It's not overstated at all, the system is having actual real problems and Nintendo really needs to focus on fixing them.

What Hardware problems? I've noticed none. If you would have said unfinished software features, or badly implemented online I would have agreed but I've seen no hardware glitches in the month and a half I've owned one.
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User Info: Tech_Guy

4 years ago#12
kdognumba1 posted...
Is the Wii U sales slump somewhat overstated?
Yes and no. The Wii U could be doing a lot better then it currently is but like all things Nintendo related, this is way blown out of proportion.

Are people just quick to jump on Nintendo's bash bandwagon?
For the most part yes. Vita for instance didn't receive the overwhelming amount of hate and bias the Wii U received before it launched and even now, with barely passing the 4 million mark a year later has seen relatively little negative feedback when compared to what the 3DS received and what the Wii U is currently receiving.

I mean what if Sony or MS first launched their consoles a year b4 their competition? Would they be in a similar "slump"? Do gamers/people really trust those brands more then Nintendo?
Microsoft did with 360, no they were not in a similar slump. It's not really about the brands, its about the line ups and unfortunately, while the Wii U actually had a great line up, the line up was mostly ports. Though they were still ports of great games with some being slightly worse then then other versions and some being drastically better, the fact of the matter is ports are ports and people don't like buying what they already own. 360 had a lot of ports but they were ports of PC games that no other console had access to, which is an unfortunate problem for Wii U.

Or could it be because Nintendo has a "lack of games" for their consoles now and on the horizon?
It's not so much a lack of games, it's a lack of exclusives and this is indeed a big problem. With that said, there's some very big ones on the way that are completely exclusive to the system that as a gamer, I would get regardless of what platform they're on.

Or could their just be an overall slowdown in consumer buying in games/electroics because of the economy or other reasons?
Yes and no. It's not that consumers have slowed down or stopped buying, it's that during the holidays there was much better deals on other devices, systems and games, where as Wii U launched at full price and had all full priced games. If the economy doesn't shape up, this could also be a major problem for all the next generation systems, not just the Wii U. Also after the holidays, sales of everything slowdown greatly and don't pick up again till February/March.

The reason MS didn't hit a similar slump is they didn't hit a similar high point at that time. It's hard to fall from a lofty place if you aren't going high up.
Why is it my dog can hold it's bladder for 8 hours while I'm at work but only 25 mins when I'm home?

User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
4 years ago#13
So bare in mind the the 5th best selling game on the Wii U last week, Call of Duty, sold less then 330 copies.

Less than 330 copies is for both WiiU and PC versions combined. This means away below 330 copies.
This also means the 10th game in this chart is somewhat below 100 copies. This also means Sing Party(a new game that debuted) is even less than that.

There is no word to describe this beyond abysmal performance.
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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#14
Troll Circle jerk as usual, I presume
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User Info: zachflash

4 years ago#15
The economy is still pretty awful (a technical recession or not), not just here in America but also in Europe. We also recently had our taxes go up (payroll 4.2 to 6.2%) this year. It's a testament to the name of the Nintendo brand that they've managed to meet expectations so far and will likely meet that 3.5 million mark by March. An incredible achievement in these tough times for the video game industry. Nintendo has also actually brought in more revenue than the Wii due to shipping out more consoles (which is why people get the misimpression that they're not selling when they just got them on the store shelves so anybody can buy them).
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User Info: MD1500

4 years ago#16
Also, a lot of people are eager to "doom" Nintendo consoles.

I remember the trolls on here laughing that the 3DS "only" sold 4 million in the first quarter - only for the much-hyped Vita to be released, which struggled to sell 4 million in an entire year.

User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#17
past the launch window...The Cave is being released today and then Aliens next

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#18
@TC It's really more just interests and ports. There is no future big titles shown for the system aside from maybe Pikmin 3, and some other titles. Most of the launch have been a lot of ports from the 360/PS3 so 3rd Party Devs need to create new, original games.

There is also lack of any future releases though that's an issue with all new consoles. And hell Sony and Microsoft could easily be in the same slump if they release their console with little information on games.
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User Info: bleedingelite

4 years ago#19
Of course it's overstated. There are a bunch of people who spend a lot of time on this forum who are fanatical about the Wii U doing badly, and if somebody wearing a Nintendo shirt coughs in public, there will be 12 topics about how it means Nintendo is doomed.

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

4 years ago#20
No because acording to the anti nintendo trolls sony cant do anything wrong only nintendo can, thats why I usually hate sony owners
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