How is the Wii U Ninja Gaiden game?

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User Info: __Darujhistan__

4 years ago#1
Looks interesting, but any good?
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User Info: PedroMontana

4 years ago#2
Yes, it's very good. It still does not reach the excellence of the first 2 3D Ninja Gaiden games, but it really fixes all the problems NG3 had on PS360.

So i'd say it's not as great as NG1&2 and Bayonetta, but better then DMC1/2/4/DmC, MadWorld and No More Heroes 1&2, which in turn are a lot better then the mediocre God of War series.

(It should be noted that my ranking here is mostly based on gameplay, people who value art direction and story very highly would obviously put NMH1&2 and likely MadWorld higher then i did here.)
No More Heroes
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