Is Zelda:SS really that terrible, or is it an over-exaggeration?

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User Info: toomanymouths

5 years ago#141
Zelda: TP is the only Zelda I consider to be "bad."

TP was so dark and empty compared to other Zelda games, I simply could not enjoy it. That said, SS is a fresh entry in the series.

Be warned, the exploration is severely lacking in SS, but otherwise it is a great game.

User Info: monsterlunchbox

5 years ago#142
There hasn't been a good Zelda since A Link To The Past.

User Info: freutty2

5 years ago#143
The game is good but is not even on my Top 5 zelda games. The story is kinda bleh in my opinion, overworld was bleh, didn't find the music as enjoyable as other zelda games, and the game's dungeons were nothing special. I still think you should get it though. But don't expect a 10 or something. I think it deserves a 9 and thats it.
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User Info: charyon

5 years ago#144
The parts of it that are good are really good. But there is way too much filler in the game. Flying the bird to get anywhere gets tedious quickly. There's also a lot of fetch quests necssary to progress in the game. Basically, if the game was 10-15 hours it would be awesome. Instead, it is a so-so 25-30 hour (minimum) game.

Hope that helps.

User Info: Tsutarja495

5 years ago#145
It's my favorite Zelda game, but I'll try and ignore that for this since I'm pretty biased. Instead, I'll use Metacritic.

Look at the ratings for the 3D games: OoT (99), MM (95), WW (96), TP(95-96), SS (93)

So saying it is the worst 3D Zelda wouldn't be an over exaggeration, but saying it is a bad game in general would be.


5 years ago#146
stop using meta critic it is not the end all be all.
ss isn't a bad game but metacritic is no way to prove that.
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User Info: Atalalama

5 years ago#147
Huge exaggeration. Sure, there are some annoying parts (well, only one really: The farkin ring dive game...turns out muting the TV actually HELPS when playing that game), but overall the game is a lot of fun. Link controls very well, the Wiimote works as a sword/item controller impressively, and, though the final boss was a bit...short...the game was a thrill from start to finish.


User Info: justdontask

5 years ago#148
its the only 3d zelda game ive played, my brother played the rest so i didnt bother... but i thought it was very enjoyable... as others have said, its not perfect, and you go to the same places multiple times, but the controls are incredible, the graphics are great for a LoZ game, and theres a ton of scenes that were taken from previous games and put in this one...
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User Info: FlyinTonite

5 years ago#149
The eldin sections were really the only parts I found tedious. The 2nd trip to both lanaryu and faron woods was just fine imo.

Also imo:


Dungeon design
Upgrade system


No real towns aside from skyloft
Some repetitive areas
The trials
Apathetic since I don't care when.
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User Info: ssjlinkx

5 years ago#150
SS is a good game, but I don't think it rises above the standards set by the last few Zelda games.
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