Is Zelda:SS really that terrible, or is it an over-exaggeration?

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  3. Is Zelda:SS really that terrible, or is it an over-exaggeration?

User Info: 3D_Shado

4 years ago#61
The biggest problem is Fi actually. Easily the worst partner of Zelda history, as she immediately tells you solutions to puzzles and offers no actual help.

"Master, this enemy has a 95% chance of weakness in the eye location. I suggest attacking it with your Bow." - typical stupid Fi comment.

User Info: Kuga_Maru

4 years ago#62
I hated it. Mainly because of the motion controls. I dislike them a great deal. They did the job, granted. But a basic controller would've been worlds better. Also, I was slightly indignant that I had to upgrade my old motion controls since Nintendo outmoded their hardware. And it was just as tedious and unresponsive as the previous version. So that also played a part.

User Info: catsimboy

4 years ago#63
PsyrenCall posted...
Banjo2553 posted...
This is basically what I mean. The game seems incredibly polarizing, because I think the game is still good despite the flaws he mentioned. But boring villain? That can't be right. Ghirahim's one of the most unique Zelda characters out there.

He may be unique to the Zelda series, but the effeminate, noble bishounen who is actually a sociopath is one the most overused tropes in Japanese media.

Yup, when I first saw him I rolled my eyes and said aloud "C'mon Japan not another one of THESE guys" And the fact he actually stands in as TWO dungeon bosses with very little difference (as far as I've gotten) just makes it all worse.

User Info: Xcalibur02

4 years ago#64
Admittedly, there are a few Zelda fans that say the game is disappointing, but they still acknowledge that it's a good game. The only people that say it's terrible are trolls that say everything Nintendo does is terrible, or they just really hate motion controls.

Personally, It's my favorite Zelda next to Wind Waker.
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User Info: PhaseSlaethe

4 years ago#65
It is decent. Around a 7.

Combat was dumbed down from TP, and the motion control gimmick was never necessary to that level.

The story was...par, I guess..for an origin story.

The characters were hit a few times, and miss by a mile. IE, 3-4 were fantastic.

The game progression is the biggest fault, tho.

Remember how in Ocarina, you had to get 3 items to get the Sword?

Well, imagine doing that about 9 times in a row in Skyward Sword.

Get 3 things to unlock the surface world to get 3 more things to unlock more stuff to get 3 more things to go somewhere special to get 3 more things to prove your worth to get 3 more things to get your prize to get 3 more things to go where you need to go.

User Info: lostinhellview

4 years ago#66
It's not terrible. But It's length, specifically the dungeons are too long and non linear. No control options hurts imho. A very bland boss with no creativity is fought 3 times. Painfully slow begining. I'd still give it a 90+ though for it's story and look.

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#67
It's a 9/10 at least.

Most, if not all criticisms come from it being different than past games, having motion controls, or being linear.
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4 years ago#68
the controls will not listen to what you tell them to do 20% of the time,that's not players fault.
and lol a people calling ss unique. giving us the exact same formula with ONE new gimmick on top of it.

it's the same thing tp did as well as ww,ph,and st yet people pretend that only tp did it,because they didn't force the gimmick as mandatory the entire game.

tp=never claimed to be innovative so you shouldn't except it to be innovative
the other 4=claimed to be innovative but aren't

the reason people dislike those games is the gimmicks ruined there experience not that it was different.
smb3 was different from smb but it did so without throwing convention out the window.
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User Info: Master_M64

4 years ago#69
40Dribylf posted...
From: The_Hyphenator | #008
It's a huge exaggeration. It's all part of the Zelda cycle; the new Zelda is always the worst one ever, until the next one is announced, and at that point it becomes a beloved classic. For examples, see Majora's Mask through Twilight Princess.

This is such a cop-out answer. I loved Majora's Mask (my favorite game period), The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess (The GCN version) when they were first released, hell I was the one of the many that defended those games on message boards.

The doesn't excuse SS of its many, many flaws.

Anyway TC, just buy it. My complaints are based off the very poor design choices. The controls are great, don't worry about those.

You get cool points with me!
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User Info: Ness0123456789

4 years ago#70
I don't find it exaggerated at all, and I sure as hell don't buy into the "Motion Controls are perfect" nonsense either.

The game boasted originally to have 1:1 controls, they are not, despite some magazines (including everyone's favorite sell out Game Informer) claiming otherwise. The dungeons are very short, uninteresting, and simply boring (two of the dungeons could honestly be mistaken for extensions of one another). It also didn't help that two dungeon's bosses were identical to one another, and the constant re-fights of the Imprisoned felt tacked for the sake of prolonging the game.

Skyloft was the only redeeming factor of the game's over-world. Hyrule it's self was a linear, hand holding mess that offered very little exploration or discovery, and the back tracking was absolutely ridiculous, far worst than what was seen in Twilight Princess.

The game's only redeeming factor was it's emphasis on story telling over anything else, and that many of the characters weren't as painfully two-dimensional as the games prior to Twilight Princess.

The game is a mediocre adventure game at best, and an absolutely terrible Zelda game at worst.
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