Is Zelda:SS really that terrible, or is it an over-exaggeration?

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User Info: Hudsucker20XX

4 years ago#71
Skyward Sword is not by any means terrible. It's just polarizing.

It has a couple of specific design quirks... and they are the types of quirks that strike right against a couple of common gamer pet-peeves. A lot of people don't have any problems with them, but the ones that do HATE them.

The motion controls are solid, and bring a lot to the table... if you (and your body) is on board. But if you're somebody who hates motion controls, or don't have an intuitive knack for the ones in Skyward Sword, it'll bug you to the point of hatred.

You sweep over the same three major areas multiple times, expanding the map or trying out new gameplay mechanics each time. People with expectations of a specific kind of structure hate that.

They chose to repeat boss battles, to build a conflict against two specific antagonists multiple times. One person says that builds drama, and clearly demonstrates your advancing skills and movesets. Another will say it's copout design and tacked-on.

Personally, I love the game, and had more sheer FUN playing it than any game in a long time. But opinions are all over the spectrum on this one; the only way to know yors is to play it yourself.
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User Info: Megagunstarman

4 years ago#72
The controls are good, they just aren't intuitive. You have to get used to them.

There isn't much revisiting of areas, but there is some and it's tedious. Really Nintendo? Going though the forest temple a second time for a cup of water was a good idea?

The biggest letdown in SS is the lack of a good overworld. Just a bunch of empty floating rocks.

Overall, it's a great game though. Some very good level design.
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User Info: bdavis93

4 years ago#73
My only beef(although it is a big beef) with SS is the fact that motion controls are forced on you the entire game, whether or not they are actually needed.

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#74
DDDDrova posted...
I really like it
but it shook up the zelda formula in many places that didnt click with a number of fans
basically its a game you need to play for yourself to have an opinion

The only way I can think of that it does that is that 1 dungeon had no miniboss, and a few dungeons didn't require the dungeon item to beat the boss (the ones with Ghirahim)

Otherwise it's the standard Intro Stuff-Dungeon (with a miniboss guarding the item, and the item is used to beat the boss)-filler quests/getting to next Dungeon-repeat til plot device leads to a different reason to go to dungeons-dungeons again-final dungeon/Boss-End.

My issue with it is that it has literally zero difficulty unless there's a problem with the controls.
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User Info: spyeater

4 years ago#75
I enjoyed playing through it. I don't want to play it again any time soon but it was a fun game. Anyone who just outright calls it a bad game has seriously never played a bad game.

User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

4 years ago#76
It's really good. I wouldn't consider a single title in the Zelda series to be even considered "terrible" (ignoring the CD-I titles, obviously).
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User Info: SSJLink

4 years ago#77
Motion controls in the water was one of the biggest design flaws ever.

Letting Link run was great, however, the stamina meter was a big nuisance especially hen climbing walls.

User Info: hotshotgames

4 years ago#78
I loved the game - it would be better with more areas but the motion control is surprisingly fun!
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User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#79
If by good it means being a cluster fack of messed up controls who is barely responding correctly while playing a game that feels disconnected and having a hard time with it becomes, controls... yea its really good.

User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#80
You'll get a lot of biased answers here.
But here's one that's unbiased.

It's good. It's not great. It's good. It's the first game in a while I've bothered to complete. I have around 30-40 games on my PS3 alone, and have probably only finished about... 17 of them. Because they were so short, mind you. 7-12 hour long campaigns, and then I never touched them since.

SS took me roughly 40 hours, and the motion controls were superb. They were fluid, and they reacted with every swing, although they have to be recalibrated whenever you aim an item or something. That aside, they're flawless. As a test, I'm actually trying to beat the game with my back towards the TV, and facing a mirror. It's like playing Master Quest.

The story is bleh, to avoid spoilers, I won't go into heavy details, and while it's still not the worst story in the franchise's history, it's no Wind Waker.

Dungeons are well designed, and have some thought put into them. This feels like Castlevania more than Zelda, I find. I mean, the good REAL Castlevanias, not that Symphony of the Night, Metroidvania BS Konami's been spoon feeding us for years now.
There's thought put into the enemy placement, and the enemies are placed in specific spots so the player can react in time to them.

It truly is a well made game, shame some people can't see past the motion controls to enjoy it. It's not my favorite Zelda, but it's still good.
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