Where do you go for Nintendo news?

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User Info: sejan12

4 years ago#1
I remember, a long time ago, I used to frequent Kotaku for all gaming news. They used to have quality gaming articles and decent editorial. Since then, the quality of the news presented on the site has dropped significantly and feels like it only exists to praise all things XBox360 and little else. Their articles have moved from ones focusing on gaming to reviews of food, and incredibly one sided reviews (they rate games as "you should get this" or "you should not get this" depending entirely on the writer's preference.)

At present, I head to a few sites Nintendo specific sites, but I haven't found a site I care for that offers gaming news in general.

Sites I go to:

Sites I avoid because their stupid is probably contagious:

Are there any gaming centric news outlets that you suggest? Sites that either focus only on one company or offer a fair, well rounded, and balanced view of the three consoles.

User Info: NiftyManZ

4 years ago#2
I come here and then just believe the opposite if what the fan boys and the trolls say. Then I mesh it into one big thought and get the words "my opinion is fact". Each post says just that. Except mine of course, because I am better then everyone else, and that is fact.........
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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#3

It's pretty much just a clearinghouse for Nintendo news from around the internets.
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User Info: DDDDrova

4 years ago#4
putting nintendo in google search every once in a while is typically enough

User Info: spyeater

4 years ago#5
Gonintendo here as well.
RMC catches just about everything on the internet every day that mentions anything remotely related to Nintendo.

User Info: mozilla345

4 years ago#6
Nintendo Network ID: Chrome345

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#7
mozilla345 posted...

I go there, but the troll situation is even worse than here.
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#8
MyNintendoNews and Nintendo3DSBlog.com/NintendoWiiUblog.com

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User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

4 years ago#9
ChipChipperson posted...

It's pretty much just a clearinghouse for Nintendo news from around the internets.
Good stuff

User Info: lgi

4 years ago#10
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