zelda multiplayer

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User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#11
The Four Swords entries were pretty awesome, so I can't be too skeptical.
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User Info: Megagunstarman

4 years ago#12
Four Swords Adventures was awesome.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#13
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
Sounded like that's what he was implying. Non-linear multiplayer. You get a Wind Waker remake cash grab since they can't make any new games for the wiiu this year.

Honestly I'm ok with a Wind Waker cash grab, especially since they still reinforce a future Zelda title (And be honest you would rather wait for it anyhow rather them hurry a game out)

Though a Non-Linear Zelda title would be a cool change, not sure where MP came from, I can't see MP working all too well with this series but we'll see how they either make it work or screw it up.
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User Info: shaunme

4 years ago#14
monjamania2000 posted...
TC are you kidding? If you dont like it then dont use the multiplayer....simple as that, but there are some of us interested in seeing what a multiplayer zelda would play like.

that's fine but the whole game design will change to accomadate multiplayer.
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User Info: monjamania2000

4 years ago#15
says who?
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User Info: Cookie_Aroma

4 years ago#16
A 3D Four Swords Zelda game sounds pretty good to me.
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