Bayonetta 2 more action packed! SSB4! Celda:WW < Zelda:WW HD!

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User Info: AhnoldDood

4 years ago#11
DifferentialEquation posted...
Why? Do you feel the need to justify the HD remake for some reason?

Saying its one of the best looking games of all time is pretty pompous. Saying its one of the best looking GC games though is much more understandable.

User Info: Electric_Sonic

4 years ago#12
however you slice it ww did not need an hd re-release (no, it's not a remake, they aren't gonna add s***)

yarn yoshi is dumb like seriously they should've made the yarn thing a new franchise like it was going to be instead of slapping it onto kirby and now yoshi

3d mario/mario kart/ssb4 are all gonna be great when we see in a few months them but for now there's nothing to excited about

the really exciting announcements from an objective standpoint were smt x fe and monolith's game those were actually surprising major game announcements

though i'm not particularly interested in either at this point unfortunately
LegendaryHeroReborn 4 years ago#13
AhnoldDood posted...
DifferentialEquation posted...
LegendaryHeroReborn posted...

Celda: WW's graphics looks bad

It's still one of the best looking Gamecube games of all time, even to this day.

Fixed it for ya.

I don't know what you see in it, but cel shading made WW look bad & there's no textures, it's just plain blue water, plain sand. Ur probably excited for Pokemon X & Y since it's cel shaded. Resident Evil 4 & Metroid Prime has the best Gamecube graphics.

Starwars4j, I said "I think", I didn't say it's a fact. Why, am I not allowed to dream anymore that they'll come sooner?

Yeah the yarn graphics is blah. I wish they sticked to 2D graphics of SMW2 Yoshi's Island & I hope Yoshi Wii U is as amazing as that game.
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