X could be done on 360/PS3

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User Info: LIsJustice

4 years ago#81
It could be done on PS3/360 just like Skyrim could be done on Wii U. The three are all very similar spec wise.
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User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#82
Too bad it's exclusive then. I care about the present. What could happen doesn't help me.
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User Info: GeassMaster

4 years ago#83
PENDRAG0ON posted...
GeassMaster posted...
I'm still turned off by that really horrible looking character face at the end, like what were being shown is a CG trailer explaining the game and the last face shown is the actual game. Could be my own worries.

As I said in other thread, Star Ocean 4 looks very similar to it and even has a lot more going on plus better character face design. I personally still think FF13 looks better at multiple points, FF13 has better hair tech as well.

That's not bashing it all, this is a good direction for Nintendo. It's definitely impressive, since we've had very few truly visually impressive JRPGs this gen. I wouldn't say it's impossible to do this game on PS3/360. Halo 4, Killzone 2/3, and Uncharted 2/3 look much if not better.

That face at the end was the only CG in the trailer. And not one of those games you mentioned is open world.

Why would they intentionally show a really bad polygonal face at the end?

Being open world has nothing to do with good graphical capabilities. There is likely areas which you are blocked in the game, and artificial restrictions are placed upon where you can go(I might even go as far to say the game is going to be instanced and you are brought to specific areas to kill monsters since Japan is obsessed with that.)

It's a very good looking game. I am no way trying to call it bad looking. I'm just saying that this game's graphics are entirely capable on current gen systems.
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User Info: DQAbel

4 years ago#84
last remnant called and said "no it cannot"
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