Nintendo? Wrong Zelda.

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User Info: HykCraft

4 years ago#21
KaiserLeo posted...
EazyERock posted...
KaiserLeo posted...
it's unplayable, like all NES games.

not sure if serious...

r u like 12?

No, I just don't make excuses for games that were extremely dated by the time I started gaming in 93.

^^ There's your frickin' issue. You don't appreciate any of the old games that really got the industry jump started back in a day after a huge crash.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#22
Fanboys don't care. They want you to rush out and waste your money at launch retail like they did and wait until the end of the consoles life cycle for a Zelda game.

Why would I do that when by waiting, I can get the console cheaper, with better games, 2 gamepad support (someday), and none of the freezing or other issues that plague the launch units?
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