Why remake Wind Waker instead of Majora's Mask?

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User Info: pokemega32

4 years ago#31
40Dribylf posted...

Link dies in the Lost Woods looking for Navi and his spirit turns into a Stalfos - Hero's Shade. He's the Stalfos that teaches Link techniques in Twilight Princess

It's pretty hard to have kids if you die at age 9.

And the Hero's Shade looks nothing like a Stalfos.

Ghostly person with muscle intact =/= skeleton.

nonexistinghero posted...
Also, for the people with the farming theory... that's nonsense. Link's aren't born through lineage, they're born through reincarnation. Only Zelda's family line is passed by blood. Link just reincarnates whenever the world asks for a hero, or so to speak.

Except that TP Link is explicitly stated to be a descendant of the Hero of Time.
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User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#32
Iwata stated that due to GC's smaller user base - alot of people haven't had the chance to play WW. MM was on wii's virtual console and personally I have it on a collection disk, on virtual console and the original cart for n64. So I'd guess thats the main reason, I have friends who haven't played WW and don't want to pay out the backside for a copy of it so they'll be happy at this chance.
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User Info: Kuebel33

4 years ago#33
How bought remake LoZ in HD.... like bionic commando rearmed, but better.
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