Any news regarding Nintendo's online strategy for 2013?

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User Info: Poltergust

4 years ago#21
Rainswept posted...
No, Baha explained it pretty well. It's a patch.

Nintendo isn't busting out the old NES and SNES dev kits and rebuilding these games or giving them extra features lol.

They're charging you for a patch to the emulator that runs the games.

But here's the best part... they're not just charging you once for the patch. Nope. They're charging you for every single game you move over that you want to use your new WiiUs functionality on.

They are essentially hoping people are dumb enough to THINK that they're "rebuilding" these games somehow. That somehow a lot of work went into it. Common sense should tell you the opposite, but Nintendo banks on its fan base not having much in the way of common sense.

You know, people seem to be forgetting that this is a new console. The Wii VC is different from the Wii U VC, as evidenced by the fact that the Wii VC library did not transfer to the Wii U VC. It's a port, not a patch.

In any case, they are charging $1 for extra features. That's all they're doing. They are not forcing you to re-buy the game or anything like that. You can still play them in Wii Mode, so nothing is preventing you from playing the games you've transferred. I mean, if you bought them on the Wii VC, it stands to reason that you already had the ability to play the game back on the Wii, so why complain? Nothing has changed in that regard.

It would be like people complaining about the Wii VC when they already had the original copies of the game. OK, if you have the original copy, just play it on that console. Nothing's stopping you. Since the game is on a new console, you have to expect that you would be charged for it.

Baha05 posted...
Poltergust posted...
That doesn't mean that the Wii VC on the Wii U is pointless, though. I'd rather have everything on one console.

It kinda does in the sense that if you transfer it you have two choices, either pay for updates or no updates and have it in Wii Mode.

Like I said, that doesn't make the Wii Mode pointless. It has the benefit of all being on one console.
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