people complain about the lack of launch titles....

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User Info: teamaquashock

4 years ago#11
Very true.

Like, when I got my PS3, all I really got to play for the first few months were MotorStorm and maybe when Killzone came out, although I don't remember how many months afterwards that came in.

It took almost like, 3 years til a flood of good games came in, and I'm sure Wii U will be the same.
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User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#12
shinra35800 posted...
it's not launch period anymore and still no games other than about 2 or 3 :P

Launch window is through March...they have releases scheduled up to May. However, Iwata did address this and apologized.

If it wasn't for the Blu-ray player, PS3 would've failed right at launch ( Heavenly Sword and Ridge Racer.....and people think the WiiU launch was bad?).

The 360 succeeded despite it's continuous shortcomings because it was the first HD console ( and I think people having a LIVE subscription helped there as well). It didn't really take off dramatically until Gears launched a year later??? Please correct if wrong.

N64 had 2 titles for 6 months
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  3. people complain about the lack of launch titles....

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