Why Wii U is the best system

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User Info: harrisonosirrah

4 years ago#31
Niche_Shado posted...
kingofall214 posted...
Niche_Shado posted...
1. Better graphics then 360 and PS3. Just looking at those vids yesterday the smoke effects in games is amazing, and the Wind Waker HD remake is especially beautiful. The bloom effect is incredible. When Fall 2013 comes around we'll truly see some next-gen graphic.

2. Best controller. What other system lets me play cutting-edge games from a room away like a handheld?

3. Best online. Everything is so intuitive and simple, plus there are no ripoff "premium" services like Failbox Live and PeeStation Plus.

4. First-party games coming soon. "Wii" have Mario, Zelda, Bayonetta, and basically everything u could want. Micros*** has Halo, Sony has Tome Raider ripoff Uncharted. Just no contesting Nintendo's franchises.

5. Best price. PS3 was 600 dollars when it came out, and 360 was almost as overpriced. With Wii U u pay $300 and basically get a free 1080P TV cuz of the gamepad, plus hardware that stomps the other consoles.

Yeah, nothing is gonna stop me from loving my Wii U. Xbots and Sony Ponies keep on trolling, I'll just ignore anyone trying to say the Wii U isn't great.

going off your points first

1 not with some 3rd party titles. you can't ever trust game trailers.

2. I play consoles for the big tv. I play my vita for when I want to play in bed. hows the battery life?

3. Hows that censorship on miiverse doing. Can you say god yet? PSN is free to play online and playstation home is better then miiverse.

4. ok so you got great 1st party games. you need them seeing as great 3rd party games like GTA 5 won't be on the wii u ever.

5 cool but ps3 is now 6 years old and is cheaper then wii u and is better then wii u. You want HD you go ps3/xbox.

Now let me get some in

PS3 doesn't charge you extra to play an iso of FF7 on your ps3 because you bought it for psp. Wii u charges you to play your mario rom on the wii u virtual console. It is the equivalent of chargeing you to put your gamecube game into the wii and play it on wii.

Iowata says trophies are bad so no universal trophy system even though it would do nothing but help. Horrible business decision based on the CEO's feelings that gamers shouldn't play to get trophies. Who is he to tell me how to play?

5gb firmware update day 1. Yeah the wii u wasn't rushed or anything.

Oh hope you don't plan on buying a 2nd gamepad. US is too stupid after all to figure out that it goes to the wiiu so Nintendo says you can't buy one if yours is stolen. Japan is smart though so they can.

Troll, ignored

Oh, I'm sure he appreciates it too.
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