I'm I crazy for thinking this?

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User Info: Vuts_Up

4 years ago#31
No offence TC but they're right in saying that you need to get your priorities straight and make decisions for yourself. If you are really insistant on getting a Wii U, wait till the games you and your wife like actually come out (There will probably be a price drop as well). Mario Kart will probably be out in fall or winter.

User Info: NeojianX

4 years ago#32
Other than a few pre-ordered JRPGs, I barely have paid more than $19.99 for any of the games in my collections. New and used games, but in like new condition. Specially for systems that have been out for years. I buy a lot of them on Buy 2 get 1 free on new and used games.
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User Info: leopoldshark

4 years ago#33
I generally don't think trading in systems is a very good idea, you don't really get good value for them (unless you try to sell them on ebay or something). You may also have seller's remorse later on down the line. If you don't like 60 dollar games that are carbon copies of each other, have you looked at the games on XBLA? Some pretty good games that are 20 dollars or less.

What I would do is try to set aside some money and get a Wii U late March - early April. Several games are set to release near the end of March, plus there is a possibility of price drops on the system and some of its games. If you can buy the Wii U now, you also have access to any Wii games you are interested in playing (which are cheap as well) and anything on the Virtual Console.
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