Thinking of getting a Wii U today.

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User Info: Hungtotheover

4 years ago#21

Same dude. Get a job just like you were told before.
I own you said the buyer.

User Info: HerPanda

4 years ago#22

don't forget you'll not only have the Wii U library, but the Wii's library as well. On top of that, you'll have a taste of other older games you may have missed via the Virtual Console. I'd also recommend getting a Gamecube. You can find the system itself for pretty cheap, along with some great games. Then again, Wii U may also get GCN on the Virtual Console as well, so that's something to think about.

Just remember...even if a system gets a "drought", there's always a ton of games to be played. Simply look at games you haven't played on older consoles and you have an instantly huge backlog. That's my advice since you're getting a Wii U, don't count out the older games simply because they're older. The Virtual Console is your friend (though, it may be beneficial to buy old consoles, as there are lots of great games not on the VC).


User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#23
Elem187 posted...
$300 isn't a lot of money... at least when you don't live in your mom's basement still it isn't ...

Well if you live in your mother's basement, I suppose spending $300 on a console with a meager library makes more sense. It isn't like you have to pay for utilities and food.

User Info: lowuw

4 years ago#24
Trust me, once you go back to Nintendo you'll never leave. You've missed a lot of great games. Pick up a Wii U and NSMBU.

User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#25
bathsaltz0mbie posted...
A little about me I've been gaming since 86. My first console was NES but after that it's been every system but Nintendo. Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't get the itch to play Nintendo exclusives.

I own a 360 a the moment and can and want a new system. So here are my choices PS3 or Wii U.

any help is much appreciated!

PS3 for now, Wii U later (until the good games are here that is).

User Info: wrightreyesrock

4 years ago#26
Wii U. There's really no point in having both PS3 and 360
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