Wii U already beat Next Xbox/Playstation

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User Info: excitebike64

4 years ago#31
Going by simply numbers, all Nintendo needed was Mario Kart.

Halo is the second best selling franchise on the 360, up'ed by their Kinect Adventure.

Logically, if wishing to compete, MS would need to continue the Kinect route to have a prayer. It's also the route the hardcore gamers will be most disappointed about. Sad but true.

For Sony to have a prayer, they would need a new Gran Turismo. It took forever for the last one to be completed. If the PS4 has any chance, it will be a crawl for a few years.

User Info: FenderMaster

4 years ago#32
Nintendo have always had the best first party exclusive lineup (Sony have a good one too, MS is so-so), that will never change. And Nintendo have had trouble keeping momentum going, and support past the third year of the consoles lifecycle, that too probably won't change.

If you love third party games, then Nintendo has already lost. If you don't then they've already won.

I don't like Nintendo hardware, but I'[ll buy whatever they make as long as I get new Zelda and Metroid games.

User Info: Gdboyratedloud

4 years ago#33
plus another Nintendo Direct is to come focused on third parties
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User Info: greatone101

4 years ago#34
darkjedilink posted...
kingofall214 posted...
A whole bunch of 1st party Nintendo games are coming to the Wii U? You don't say. Clearly Sony and Microsoft could never have predicted such a move and the blow will kill them before they even get their systems out. Good analysis TC you should see if Michael pachter will give you a job.

Considering neither of those companies has a top-tier first- or second-party franchise that can take on even Nintendo's second-tier franchises, it's not TOO far out of the realm of possibility...

At least Sony can put out new ips unlike Nintendo. Even in the last year of PS3 sony is still putting out new IPs. Nintendo has been relying on the same franchises gen after gen.

MS puts out new IPs too just not as much as Sony though.

User Info: ReyMilansteryo

4 years ago#35
LodeiroSnake posted...
Ground Zeroes beats everything on that list( except for new Xeno game)

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User Info: mashu

4 years ago#36
ThePhilBrooks__ posted...
No way MS/Sony can top Nintendo with their new consoles.

Going to have to disagree. If you very much prefer Nintendo-style first party games, that lineup would always make you prefer a Nintendo console - but you certainly can't say that generally. We don't even know what the competition will be like.

Don't get me wrong either - the Wii U is a must-have console for me due to the upcoming Atlus and Monolith Soft games. I'm very excited about those and, once I have the Wii U, I'll probably get a couple from the list you mention, as well as future titles we don't know about. That's not enough though to convert me to a single platform gamer or to totally discount the games they have.

User Info: midgar

4 years ago#37
From: ReyMilansteryo | #035
LodeiroSnake posted...
Ground Zeroes beats everything on that list( except for new Xeno game)


I'm more hyped for Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us.

Seriously, how can the PS4 be beat before it's released, when even it's predecessor has better games coming out? Makes no sense.
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User Info: mralspsp

4 years ago#38
Killeryoshi8 posted...

Also: Wii U assurance.
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