I'm glad it doesn't cost me $1 to watch my DVDs on a different DVD player.

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User Info: Waggy17

4 years ago#71
Baha05 posted...
DiscostewSM posted...
when I watch a movie on DVD and the same one on Bluray, the movie itself isn't changed in story, presentation, etc...It is the same movie, but the Bluray version enhances the movie experience, just like how the Wii U VC changes nothing of the game, but enhances it.

But it's not enhanced at all, it just gives you mainly more options of controllers to use, the closest thing to an enhancement is the Miiverse Support and you can get that WITHOUT buying a game.

This is misleading. Access to the Miiverse community =/= Miiverse Support
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User Info: BakaIdiot

4 years ago#72
poptarts22 posted...
Since I already bought the original DVDs and the player is still from the same company and all of the other DVD production companies already offer free compatibility across DVD players, including portable DVD players.

What the hell?? Your dvd player doesn't play vhs.

User Info: ThePieGuy

4 years ago#73
TheBonfini posted...
I wish I could as well. The price of BD's is ridiculous, but it is an actual production product.

The games they are talking about are just digital. It just seems that Nintendo is charging you to use the main feature of their new system. Did anyone even really expect Nintendo to not let you play on the controller, even in Wii mode? That is ridiculous. Why can't you play on the tablet in Wii mode? No one would upgrade if you could just use the system how it should be capable of.

Same reason why Wii controllers wont work in Gamecube mode in the Wii or let the Gamecube mode have access to the SD slot/USB ports. The host system essentially becomes the emulated system. I assume most people would have come to the conclusion that Wii mode would not be able to access things the original Wii system can't.

Also all that complaining about playing PS1 through Sony PSP, PS3 etc. Why no complaining about buying a game on PS3 and being able to play on Steam (Like Portal2) I mean they Valve did it, why doesn't anyone else? Or better yet, since I can buy a PS1 game on my PSP and it works on my PS3, why can't I buy a PSP game and play it on my PS3? Everyone has done an awesome job establishing that the controls are basically the same

User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#74
Me neither.....but try and use that same DVD on something it wasn't designed originally to be compatible with..........................
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