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User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#1
I didn't buy any games on the Wii VC. I only bought a couple of Wii Ware games. I didn't have much money back then, or a credit/debit card to top up funds to buy them. I wish I did though, since there are a lot of games I want to play; my first 'proper' games console was the PS2, so I missed a lot of the early Nintendo games.

More people have been talking about the upgrade fee than anything else about the VC, but there's one thing I wanted to know. Obviously the games can still be played for free in Wii mode, and the upgrade adds off-screen play, Miiverse etc., but what are the regular prices? Is it a case of $5 for a game on the Wii and Wii U, with an extra $1 to upgrade between them, or if the game costs $5 on the Wii is it $6 on the Wii U?

I hope I made that clear enough...

User Info: sdsturgill

4 years ago#2
The VC titles through the Wii U eShop will be the same price...4.99 for NES (5.99 for foreign) and 7.99/9.99 for SNES games. The $1 is if you want to upgrade after having the Wii VC version.

User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#3
The regular price of $4.99 for NES VC titles via the eShop does NOT get you a free copy on the Wii, or accessible via Wii U's Wii Mode. It only gives you the Wii U VC version.

The $1 is for the people who already bought it on the Wii AND TRANSFERRED IT to the Wii U's Wii Mode. The eShop can tell that you transferred it, and therefore already own a copy, so it offers the Wii U version as well for $1.

In essence, you'll have two copies of the same game on the same machine - one that plays exactly like it would on the Wii, and one with access to Wii U's technological enhancements.
Gaming is like a pair of boobs - Sony and Microsoft fight over whos boobs look more realistic, while Nintendo is about having fun with them - Walkiethrougie
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