So power doesn't matter again?

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User Info: Gdboyratedloud

4 years ago#51
notice how all the trolls came at once. Alt accounts?????????????
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#52
Now the argument is that WiiU is better because Nintendo rushed the WiiU to market ahead of the competition since the Wii was basically stagnant. It wasn't getting any games from Nintendo and 3rd parties were dumping minigame collections onto it.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#53
Regardless of this being a possible troll thread, power does matter to a certain point. However, they don't make the system. Video games is what the gamers care about. Why do you think the PS1, PS2, DS, and now the 3DS outsold their rivals. The original Wii was the only exception to the rule. It's not because they have the best graphics. No it's because they have the best games to a majority of people.

Whether the Wii U is stronger or weaker than the PS4/Xbox 3 is completely irrelevant to consumers. What will grab the people attention are games. Whoever delivers the best games wins.
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User Info: diggyfresh

4 years ago#54
Final Fantasy games are a good example of how graphics and console power reflect game quality. Each successive FF game gets sharper and better in terms of graphics. The latest one is looking so damn impressive, it's like a high quality CGI movie.

And if you look at what games are most popular in that series, the opinions of gamers are all over the place. Some people rank the old 16-bit versions over the last entry. If power and graphics determines how good a game is, then the latest FF would necessarily be better than the last. And that's not true.

Personally, I love FF 11 and FF 12. I love them more than the crap FF titles that came after them.

Dead Space is another good example. The first one was a very tense and immersive survival horror experience. It also had great graphics. The sequels incrementally pushed the graphics. But the devs revised game experiences in the sequels, and they were IMO not as good as the first game.
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User Info: geneticsftw

4 years ago#55
ThaPrinceRaziel posted...
geneticsftw posted...
HungoverHero777 posted...
Chocolate chip. Is there any other answer?

Yes, but they are wrong. lol

Chocolate chip is the Mario of cookies. When you think cookie you usually think chocolate chip,like you do Mario to gaming. It hasn't been milked as much as Mario though, and it's a cookie lol.


User Info: HungoverHero777

4 years ago#56
Gdboyratedloud posted...
notice how all the trolls came at once. Alt accounts?????????????

They probably conspire via PMs. XD
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User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#57
HungoverHero777 posted...
Gdboyratedloud posted...
notice how all the trolls came at once. Alt accounts?????????????

They probably conspire via PMs. XD

Or their own forum. I used to be a member of the Anti Fanboy Federation, which coordinated strikes against fanboys and trolls via a private forum.
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User Info: GLDanzego

4 years ago#58
ThaPrinceRaziel posted...
GLDanzego posted...
ThaPrinceRaziel posted...
Remember when Nintendo boasted about the Wii U being stronger than the current gen of consoles and everyone believed them. So everyone here believed that the Wii u would be on par with the PS4 and nextbox, because Sony apparently wouldn't be able to afford another high speced console and Microsoft wouldn't bother because they're focusing on casuals? Well now that reality caught up... Is it back to "graphics don't matter & multiplat games are better on pc anyway?"

Why don't you tell us? After all, you're the one who seems comfortable taking it upon yourself to speak for everyone.

Though, since you mention it, when did power ever matter? I'm hard pressed to think of a single console generation where the most powerful console was the clear sales leader over the course of that generation. It seems to me that what you're saying about "power doesn't matter" is the general consensus, not just something fans of one system brand like to tell everyone.

I was never one to consider quantity over quality. I believe the winner of any gen is the console who has the best quality of games possible. I didn't see a winner between the N64 & PS1. I believe the PS2/Xbox/GC all ran a close race where the PS2 barely edged out. But this gen it was clear that Nintendo took a turn for the worst, and is continuing on this path of profit over everything. So I have to disagree with you personally, I don't benefit from a console outselling its competitors. And this gen proves that majority doesn't always rule.

Alright, so if that's your belief, obviously you agree that power doesn't matter. So why are you here barking about people who believe that? Because some people- to whom you refer as "everyone here"- were excited at the prospect of Nintendo releasing a system more powerful than the PS3 and 360? So that's your evidence that everyone said it?

It doesn't work that way, pal. Your argument is a disaster.


User Info: GloryChaos

4 years ago#59
FabulousZero posted...
GloryChaos posted...
Remember when Nintendo boasted about the Wii U being stronger than the current gen of consoles


Lol Reggie. Eventually, you learn to not take him seriously if you want factual information. He's great as at his job, but he's a PR guy at the end of the day. Maybe I'll retract my statement if we get GC games on the Virtual console.
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User Info: GigantLuffy

4 years ago#60
Killeryoshi8 posted...
Nintendrones are drooling over an HD remake of a 10 year old game.

Everyone has been drooling over HD remakes of decade old game.

This isn't even all of the HD re-releases on the PS3. Atleast Windwaker HD looks more like an actual HD remake. On the other hand, upcoming HD releases like KH1.5 aren't as big of a graphical leap.
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