Who is your favorite female Nintendo character and why do you like her?

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  3. Who is your favorite female Nintendo character and why do you like her?

User Info: Jag85

4 years ago#21
Cyclical posted...
Samus, because she's more of a badass than all FPS Space Marines and Military Heroes combined.

Samus was the big mama of all FPS space marines! Without Samus, there wouldn't even be any Master Chief.

User Info: -Unknown

4 years ago#22
Wind Waker Zelda in non-zelda form.

User Info: Lessermook

4 years ago#23
That Black girl from F-zero X
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User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#24
Samus, before they destroyed her as a character in Other M, because she was just full-on badass.
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User Info: AMG

4 years ago#25

User Info: Great_Pudding_3

4 years ago#26
Peach cause she's SEXY.
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User Info: LLL_Deadly

4 years ago#27

"The flow of time is always cruel... Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it... A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days... In order to come back here again, play the Minuet of Forest." - Sheik

Wind Waker is one of the greatest games ever made. Hoping the HD Remake does it justice.

User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#28
Vanea >_>
(@_@) Spinda is watching

User Info: Rainbow---Dash

4 years ago#29
Oh yes you are!-http://i.imgur.com/C4REL.png http://i.imgur.com/2qaK5.jpg
"They don't call me "Rainbow" and "Dash" for nothing!"

User Info: MeLikeyPie

4 years ago#30
Midna. Because her imp form is pretty darn adorable. =p
I dunno, I just like her.

Other people would include Lyn from Fire Emblem, and Samus.
Here I come, King of Heroes! Do you have enough weapons at your disposal? - Emiya Shirou
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  3. Who is your favorite female Nintendo character and why do you like her?

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