Miiverse; the opposite of Yeah is Unyeah!

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User Info: BladeofFalcon

4 years ago#1
The word "No" is now officially obsolete.
When someone say plz because it's shorter than please, I say no because it's shorter than yes.

User Info: Qax

4 years ago#2
opposites are complicated
Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens!

User Info: Dr Edward Roivas

Dr Edward Roivas
4 years ago#3
Nyeah? Brooklyn Rage!
Tie it on, in your mind. It's your Noctourniquet.

User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#4
You're retracting your yeah.

User Info: mkfreddddi

4 years ago#5
unyeah is like undo, as in youre unliking a post. youre retracting your "yeah"
PROUD supporter of NINTENDO, microsoft, and sony

User Info: Warp_Zone

4 years ago#6
Dr Edward Roivas posted...
Nyeah? Brooklyn Rage!
eadricson posted...
Are you goddamn serious?
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