Why IGN is able to be used when the news is good but not bad

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User Info: TheFallenPriest

4 years ago#1
Its really simple.


Say I am a republican. I consider MSNBC to be biased, but fox news to be fair.
Say you are a democrat. You consider MSNBC to be fair, but fox news to be biased.

Easiest way to show me anything, is to show it from a source I think is fair, even if you dont like the source. Then I cant say that it is biased.


This is one of the most top reasons why fanboys are now showing the IGN article about the top 5 reasons the VC fee is fair. Even if they dont consider IGN to be a reputable source, it is considered a reputable source by those they are trying to persuade.

In case you missed it.

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/631516-wii-u/64999261/728682650 Xeeh_Blitz says Wii U Controller Rattling is worse than XBox RROD, Troll status confirmed.

User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#2
The difference here is that the trolls will consider IGN to be a biased source until they post another "Wii U is doomed" article, while Republicans, even when Fox News makes a rare positive comment about Obama, do not consider Fox News to be liberally biased (and vice-versa for the Democrats).
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User Info: StickMen1090

4 years ago#3
they get posted either way
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  3. Why IGN is able to be used when the news is good but not bad

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