Rarest games that you own

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User Info: StarmanJunior

4 years ago#1
What are some of the rarest games that you own?

I have an original copy of EarthBound with the players guide, and imported copies of Mother (without box), and Mother 2, Mother 3, and Mother 1 + 2 all in the boxes.

Super Turrican 2, Yoshi's Safari, Pitfall, Lemmings 2 all in the boxes.

Harmony of Dissonance in the box

Bomberman II (nes), Breath of Fire II (snes), Chrono Trigger (snes), Castlevania Dracula X (snes), Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (gba), All four Dragon Warrior games (nes), EVO (snes), FF Adventure (gb), Harvest Moon 64, Illusion of Gaia, Kirby's Dream Land 3 (snes), Mega Man 1, 4, 5, 6 (nes), Mega Man 7 (snes), Mega Man X2 (snes), Secret of mana, Secret of Evermore (snes), Soul Blazer, Super Adventure Island II (snes), 5 Virtual Boy games.

Wanted List:
-Bonk's Adventure (nes), Bubble Bobble 2 (nes), Mega Man X3 (snes), Chip N Dale 2 (nes), Duck Tales 2 (nes)
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User Info: Kiro_nami

4 years ago#2
Just my Zelda Collector's Edition disc.
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User Info: phineasfool

4 years ago#3
Nothing much anymore. I sold off most of my collection several years ago when I decided I didn't want to collect games anymore. I guess now my rarest game would be either my Toobin' arcade machine or my Galaxian cocktail table.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#4
Ummm I'm not sure, I think maybe Secret of Mana SNES? (Doubt it's rare though)
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User Info: Stealthlys

4 years ago#5
Is metroid prime, and zelda CE considered rare?

User Info: Geminia999

4 years ago#6
Metriod Prime Trilogy and possibly Chibi robo considering how long it took me to find a copy.
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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#7
Does your SSB4 roster have Shulk?...No....Then I hate it.
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User Info: blinkfreak

4 years ago#8
If I didn't sell my stuff when I was a kid I'd have some good stuff.

I was looking up prices the other day and Kirby's Dream Land 3 was going for like $70 so I'd say that.

However, it seems that rare doesn't mean it is valuable. I have some seemingly rare wii games that are worth nothing such as kororinpa and zack & wiki.

Most of my old games are worth between $20 - $30 I'd say. I wish I didn't' sell my games to buy new consoles / games as a kid. Oh well.

User Info: tuznecote

4 years ago#9
Battlecorps MEGA cd. I will throw in timegal and Thunderhawk

User Info: NiftyManZ

4 years ago#10
My Kirby's adventure game is going for 80 on amazon. Also have castlevania sotn on original play station. Not sure how rare Zelda two is. I do have Baulders Gate Dark Alliance 2 for ps2. That took me 2 years to find after I loaned it to a friend then he lost it. (He paid me 30 for losing it. So at least he cared.)
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