What was your first Nintendo home console?

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User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#11
My first handheld was a GBC, and I've owned every handheld and/or revision since then, with the exception of the DSi/XL, and the 3DS XL (which I may be getting soon).

As for consoles, I never really played home consoles as a child. When I was about 10 I got a PS2 for Christmas, and a short while later I got a GameCube - my first Nintendo console, and the first games machine I ever bought for myself. I've since owned the Wii and Wii U.

Now that I'm working though, I've got a little extra income, and I'll hopefully be able to find a NES/SNES/N64, or at least be able to play those games through Virtual Console; there are so many games I wish I'd had the chance to experience as a child.

User Info: Darkeep12

4 years ago#12
N64. Before that, I had a Sega Mega Drive (aka, Genesis). Then I got a Game Boy Color, and switched to Nintendo in home consoles as well.
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User Info: croy3

4 years ago#13
WII, 17yrs old now. Friends has gamecube though. Probably sunk a good 50-60+ hours into GC games before I had a wii.
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User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#14
NES here and been a fan since....
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User Info: Hello10000

4 years ago#15

Pokemon Stadium.
Pokemon Snap.
Paper Mario.
Mario 64.
Mario Kart.
LOZ: Ocarina of Time.
Super Smash Brothers.
Mario Party.

Good times.
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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#16
NES. It was the only one I didn't buy myself at launch, my mom bought it for me a few years in for Christmas.

User Info: TrueKirby

4 years ago#17
NES, well my parents and my brother owned it before I was born soooooo, but the first one I really got into was the N64.
I still remember that video.
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User Info: BeanBeanKingdom

4 years ago#18
N64. Man, people in this topic are old-school. :O
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User Info: blm03v

4 years ago#19
SNES, but I got an NES about two years after that.

User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#20
I've owned them all, starting with the NES. I still remember playing Mario Bros 1 and 3 over and over again.
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