Open letter to fanboys

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User Info: Zetamancer

4 years ago#11
QlJGamer posted...
How do you have three devices and not have a favorite. People who own multi-console always have a favorite how can you not have an opinion. Yes I am a fan of Nintendo and Sony systems and so>?

Not really.

I have: Wii, PS3, Xbox360. I certainly have no favorite. I like a lot of the games that the PS3 has, like Darkness, GTA4, Bleach Soul Resurrection, etc. I also think that XBOX360's media interface is much superior and pleasant to use. And my wii is modded for homebrew, which is easier to do on that than the other 2.
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User Info: Ultima_Magikarp

4 years ago#12
Yahtzee has an open letter for both fanboys and people who think the way consoles are currently set up is valid.

User Info: PSOLavis

4 years ago#13
That yahtzee has quite a flawed view on the matter frankly. There is no console war. It is just a dumb term people use to act like their is some big fight between the consoles which is different from competition...which is not the case. The only "war" is the stupid back and forth banter every console gets from the other two players fans when a new product comes out. Competition is great since in the grand scheme of things you have 3 consoles to choose from, pc gaming, 2 handhelds, and phone/tablet games. Each of these fits a certain niche. Nintendo is about their 1st party games, different ways of playing, and appeals to a younger and casual crowd mainly. Xbox is the shoot crap up bro gaming console which is for the hardcore gamers. Sony I see as somewhat of a mix of Nintendo + Xbox, minus the first party games. So for anyone to act like one console is superior to another in every case is quite ignorant. Obviously if you are a bro, xbox with it's halo is going to be superior. While if you are more into games like metroid and mario you will go for Nintendo. That's why I get all consoles, so I can play a full library of games.

User Info: dudultimateness

4 years ago#14
I don't know about fanboys but criticizing systems can be important. If companies think they're doing a good job then they will continue down their paths, but if they get a wake up call then they will change because they're not stupid.

With that said, I don't think people should buy ANY console until that console has proven itself worth the purchase. The xbox 360 from last gen probably got my support the most but if Microsoft were to suddenly start marketing the next xbox as mostly multimedia and forget about the games then I would probably start to favor either the ps4 or the Wii U.

That make sense?
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