Ni No Kuni vs Xenoblade. What's better?

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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#41
Lol, NNK? Xenoblade hands down

User Info: Kitty Fields

Kitty Fields
4 years ago#42
toomanymouths posted...
Xenoblade but I too am enjoying the heck out of Ni No Kuni.

Honestly, I think Ni No Kuni may have passed Xenoblade if it weren't for the handholding. Just way too much handholding. Need I mention the star? But forget the star... what about giving/taking hearts? Everyone is labeled with a shiny blue dot. Then, you don't even have to listen to their situation to give the appropriate heart--Mr. Drippy tells you which you need! Why even have multiple types of heart?

Bahh, how could such an amazing game be tainted by something so silly?

Just an FYI: You can turn the star off in the options menu. Also, you can tun the mini-map off with the select button (hides the glowy blue dots).
They're both awful games.
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User Info: BowtiesAreCool

4 years ago#44
Ni no Kuni, mainly because it is a classic JRPG with great new things, while Xenoblade is just good because the Wii had no other decent JRPGs.

User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#45
Xenoblade fans should be quiet. the answer is obvious

Chrono Trigger.
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User Info: Metal_Gear_Link

4 years ago#46
Xenoblade, but only by a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%
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User Info: Cymerian

4 years ago#47
DW2189 posted...
Tsutarja495 posted...
Metacritic scores:

Xenoblade: 92
Ni No Kuni: 87

Xenoblade wins.

CoD > Xenoblade. AmIdoingthisright?

PS. Metacritic sucks.

I'm not seeing a CoD with a higher Metacritic score than Xenoblade. Perhaps you'll link me?

Edit: Found it. Modern Warfare 2.
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User Info: pariah23

4 years ago#48
Anarchy179 posted...
For me it's Ni no Kuni, pretty easily too. Xenoblade is the most overrated rpg of this gen.

Or of any gen.

NnK wouldn't make my top 5 of this gen either though.

User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#49
No No Blade Chronicles
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User Info: Ness0123456789

4 years ago#50
Ni No Kuni, in damn near every way save for the AI.

Both games have terrible party AI.
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