What Nintendo games do you replay annually?

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User Info: LLL_Deadly

4 years ago#1
It's pretty much become a tradition for me to replay the original LoZ every 6 months.
Wind Waker is one of the greatest games ever made. Hoping the HD Remake does it justice.

User Info: selfdeztruction

4 years ago#2
Anally,nothing.But I 100% Super Metroid every summer.
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#3
I usually go through Link to the past once a year. I also have classic Mega man marathons every now and then.

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#4
selfdeztruction posted...
Anally,nothing.But I 100% Super Metroid every summer.

Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2

User Info: Alustar

4 years ago#5
I do Luigi's Mansion every Halloween.

User Info: trenton97

4 years ago#6
I 100% LttP at least once a year. I'm such a fanboy for that game.
After I finish life the first time, I'm doing a challenge run.
LttP>everything else.

User Info: RikuWOblivion2

4 years ago#7
Seems like I replay Majora's mask and Super Mario Bros. 3 about once a year, maybe a little less.
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User Info: plasmatic5

4 years ago#8
I don't think there's a game that I replay annually but there are many games that I replay every other year at the very least. Super Mario RPG, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Mega Man Legends 1/2...
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User Info: jjeerryyonly9

4 years ago#9
Rygar - NES
Bionic Commando - NES
Battle of Olympus - NES
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User Info: The_Hyphenator

4 years ago#10
None. I don't do annual replays of anything. Never have, and given that my time is at more of a premium than ever these days, I probably never will.

Occasionally I'll replay an old favorite if the mood takes me, but it's not a structured thing. And I've never replayed a game more than 4 times; the current record-holder is FFVII, though I don't think I'll ever play it again, now that I've finally managed to beat Ruby Weapon.
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