Would you buy Dragon Quest X if it was announced for NA?

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  3. Would you buy Dragon Quest X if it was announced for NA?

User Info: AMG

4 years ago#31
MARl0 posted...
Only if online is free. If you have to pay a monthly fee, than definitely not.

Same here.

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#32
I love DQ and MMOs, but can't pay monthly fees, so no.

User Info: mashu

4 years ago#33
Only if it has no monthly fees.

User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#34
MMO are dumb i wont buy it if it a mmo
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User Info: Zozzilla_MkII

4 years ago#35
Andyliini posted...
No, cause I'm from Europe.
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User Info: xerofyre0

4 years ago#36
Icecreamdunwich posted...
No, it's just another bad MMO.

Looks similar to ffxi which was a fantastic MMO so I'm down
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User Info: x2link777

4 years ago#37
darkjedilink posted...
OzzieArcane posted...
Guys it's not gonna be free to play. The only reason Square is making MMOs is cause they crave those profitable subscription fees. They're doing it cause despite sales Final Fantasy XI is their most profitable game.

You obviously know nothing of the current MMO landscape, or a dismal failure of a game called Final Fantasy XIV.

While its true most modern MMOS are going F2P, FFXIV's "dismal failure" had nothing at all to do with a monthly fee. In fact, most of its early life WAS F2P.. It was a failure because SE released a buggy, broken shell of a shell, and called it a game... That said, while Id love to play it, as a long term DQ fan going way back to the original Dragon Warrior on NES, it just wouldnt be worth it if it is a sub based game for population reasons alone. After the last major MMO (DC Universe Online on PS3) to hit consoles (that I know of) and the resulting nosedive its population took until it went F2P, I'd expect no better with this game, especially from a more or less niche series as DQ in the states.
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  3. Would you buy Dragon Quest X if it was announced for NA?

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