Does anybody actually "mains" Nintendo consoles?

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User Info: ninto55

4 years ago#131
Main console? Nintendo.

Main video game platform? PC.

When I was a kid all I had was Nintendo, up until like 2008 when I got a 360. I was hooked on that for a long time. Then I got a gaming PC and only break out my PS3 or 360 for exclusives or to play a game splitscreen coop. I've played my WiiU several times a week since I've gotten it on Christmas, and my N64 and Gamecube are still hooked up to my TV ready to be played. And before the WiiU I spent plenty of time playing VC games on my Wii.

So most games I will buy the PC version of, unless there is some extra thing on the WiiU version. If some games start coming out console only, then I'll pick up the WiiU version first, and either Xbox 360 or PS3 version, they're pretty much the same console to me.
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User Info: ChaoticOne327

4 years ago#132
The NES & SNES were my main consoles but after them, I havent used a Nintendo system as my main console in years
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User Info: MasterAshKetchem

4 years ago#133
I always main Nintendo consoles.

- NES was my first console, didn't have a secondary during third gen.
- SNES was mained, Genesis secondary (Most us from did that time though).
- N64 main, Saturn secondary, skipped PSX (which was a mistake to skip in hindsight).
- Gamecube main, PS2 secondary, skipped Xbox
- Wii main, PC secondary, skipped PS3/360.
- Wii-U main, PC secondary, will probably get PS4 if BC with PS3.
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User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#134
Its my main 'Console' as such, but really, i main PC.
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User Info: HeroKirby

4 years ago#135
Yes, I do... If I had enough money though I would probably get a PS3 too.

User Info: Imperfect_Dark2

4 years ago#136
The only non-Nintendo console I've ever owned is the PSP, which I only have two games for.

I don't feel a need for other consoles. There are still mountains of awesome games on all my consoles I haven't played. If I one day exhaust the libraries of great games on the 'Cube, GBA, DS, 3DS, Wii and WiiU (And PSP!), I might consider it. Except by then there will probably be another 2 generations of Nintendo consoles out :L
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User Info: FlyinTonite

4 years ago#137
I don't "main" anything. I play a game for a system and I play the crap out of it till I beat it. Then I look for something else. Frankly every gamer should have a gaming pc/playstation system/nintendo console. If not pc at least a playstation and nintendo system. That way, you can play all the best exclusives and a few multiplats.
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User Info: huyi

4 years ago#138
next gen will only be about the wii U, previous gen i only used my wii for 1st party titles, i guess it's going to change from here on out, my ps3 has a huge backlog so i don't want any other console till i'm done with that, there is still a few games coming to the ps3 too.
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User Info: BenXneB

4 years ago#139
I always have and always will "main" with a Nintendo console (or whatever Nintendo may produce in the future). My secondary is a PS3, and I've got about a 1% tertiary relationship with PC gaming.

User Info: gameboygrey

4 years ago#140
I only play Nintendo aside from a handful of games on my iphone. ps360 games look stupid and boring and appear to be targeted at the same braindead demographic that finds the big bang theory funny. You can keep your mindless trash.
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