Does anybody actually "mains" Nintendo consoles?

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User Info: Releven

4 years ago#151
I 'main' Nintendo consoles.

I have been since the famicon. However, I mained PS1 and PS2, but returned to Wii in the last gen.

Personally, I think my tastes have changed with my age. There are often times where I feel nostalgic about certain PSone games, and therefore want to buy a PS3 souly for that. However, I soon sell it off when I realize that the 90s ended a long time ago, and it's not the same anymore.

My Wii took most of my attention in the last gen because of the VC titles on it. The ability to play FF6 for the first time in well over a decade was a blessing. Other things like going through entire series that I used to play and never finish as a kid, and finally finishing them was fantastic.

Then there were the games. Granted there wasn't a lot of 3rd party, but the support it did have was enough to keep me happy. Capcom was especially good to the Wii in ways they weren't to the PS3. No DLC, just fun games like MH3, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, the ports, Sengoku Basara 3, and some others. First party was also a lot of fun too.

Now that Wii U is out, I mostly main that. The reason is simply because Sony just bothers me. I don't know why exactly, it's not just Sony but the titles that show up on their consoles. I've seen every series that I've loved go to hell on PS3/PSP. MGS, FF, Tekken, Akumajo Dracula, Silent Hill, Biohazard, Marvel VS Capcom, Rockman... or lack thereof, and most recently DMC. I've bought a PS3 everytime one of those titles have came out, and sold it shortly after in utter disgust. Ultimately I've came to the realization that it's the style and direction of the console and they youth who plays it, not just the titles themselves.

Wii, on the otherhand, is just what Nintendo always is. Fun. Granted, I still find myself desperately wishing for DC VC titles, or for Sony to quit gaming so their PSone titles might suddenly show up on the e shop someday, but even then I can't find myself playing those long PSone RPGs anymore. I don't have the time that I used to, and ultimately the ease of a 2 minute conversation in a Super Famicon game is much better for me.

So... yeah, I main Nintendo now.

User Info: Chonic

4 years ago#152
The 3DS and the Wii U are my main pair of consoles I play, with the 360 and PS1 getting less actual playtime than them. I've got a lot of virtual console stuff too, so I guess I kinda do main Nintendo.
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User Info: emayer

4 years ago#153
I "main" Nintendo consoles. I don't care much for expansive online multiplayer games. I mostly enjoy single player adventure, platformer, RPG-type experiences, and for that, Nintendo consoles have been more than enough for me.

User Info: brainfriiz

4 years ago#154
Meh, I mained Nintendo up until I moved out from living with my parents and bought a Wii shortly thereafter. As I am mostly a JRPG player I have regretted not having a Playstation since Final Fantasy defected.

User Info: wskingws

4 years ago#155
xXDa-KidXx posted...
Yep, for all my life I've mained Nintendo consoles.

good for you, if you like their games that's all that matters right?

User Info: Smasher123456

4 years ago#156
I've mained Nintendo ever since I started gaming (20). That was due to me growing up with the system/brand and also because I was but a kid, so I wasn't the guy buying the games. I really doubt my parents would have tolerated me having more than one system. I still main Nintendo, even though I have a job, because I only have a limited amount of money that I can spend for recreational needs. I would also rather stick with Nintendo that get another system I'm not familiar with.

Now, if I had a ton of money to spend, I would have bought the PS3 and the 360 by now. Sly Cooper, Halo, ICO, Uncharted, Bioshock, many awesome games I would buy. 0_0. But alas, I do not have such a high paying job.
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User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#157
Why wouldn't I if every 3rd party game that doesn't suck is also for PC?
Had the Snes and Wii only.
(I'm poor).
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User Info: Reedeemer

4 years ago#158
Yep, always mained Nintendo but have had every Sony console. No reason to own an xbox lol. I have a really good amount of PS3 games currently but my Nintendo library is still the most substantial.
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User Info: thelightblue

4 years ago#159
I actually mained Nintendo consoles up until recently. My father was a Nintendo gamer and I was raised with the company's games and consoles. Of course, the past few years I had been drooling at the other consoles, and now I main PS3/3DS for the most JRPGs.
But yes, to answer your question, some people do (:

User Info: _Sovereign_

4 years ago#160
The Wii was the first Nintendo console I owned that was a secondary. For me it's always been Nintendo, with Sony ( SEGA in the before time) supporting it. Now it's back to normal for me.
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