got to admit,this is getting old

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User Info: BrokenBandit84

4 years ago#31

You only started With the N64?

People have started predicting Nintendo's Doom since they entered the video game market.

In 1982 they predicted Nintendo's doom when they released a game called "Donkey Kong" "No one will play it" they said "it's a girls/babies game" "everyone knows Racing games and alien shooting games sell the best". However Donkey Kong ended up becoming one of the most famous arcade games in history. Many of the machines broke because people put too much money in them.

In 1985, After the video game crash of 1983 video games were deemed a "fad" and outdated due to the new pcs coming out "why play just a video game they said"(sound familiar Ipads/smartphones anyone?) Nintendo released the NES making these critics eat their words. The NES sold 40 million systems and it's flagship game Super Mario Brothers became one of the most famous video games in History.

In 1989, Nintendo and Atari were neck and neck about ready to release their new handheld systems. Atari came back from the Nintendo demonstration laughing their heads offs because it had a "tiny puke green screen" while theirs had a bigger brighter and colored screen. "Nintendo's toast" they said. Well now ask anyone if they ever heard of a Gameboy? Now ask anyone if they ever heard of an Atari Lynx. Nuff said.

In the mid 1990's Sega was kicking butt with a new edgy gaming series called "Sonic the Hedgehog" as well as Sony with the "Tomb Raider" series. "Nintendo's dead" they said "theyre stuck in the past" they said "their games are too kiddy" they said. Nintendo struck back with Donkey Kong Country and Star Fox both of which sold Millions proving they can provide some edgy quality games themselves.

User Info: Daveddy72

4 years ago#32
jairusmonillas posted...
The last time Nintendo actually won something was SNES, after that PS1, PS2 and PS3 owned every Nintendo gaming system from quality to library of games.

But thats not the point,the point is trolls saying over the years saying nintendo is doomed as in, folding up shop,going out of business

User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#33
HeyItsZant posted...
Daveddy72 used Wall of Text!

It's super effective!

not against the trolls
KAMMY KOOPA and baby kammy koopa for Super Smash Bros

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#34
Daveddy72 posted...
But thats not the point,the point is trolls saying over the years saying nintendo is doomed as in, folding up shop,going out of business

Sure, some "trolls" might say that, but there are also "people" - normal, unlabeled-by-childish-namecalling people - who doubt Nintendo, continue to do so, and voice their opinions about it clearly and freely on public internet message boards. As perfectly acceptable as that is, some of you simply can't stand it.

And this is where so many of you f*** up - you think that just because you see one of these people voice their opinion more than once, there MUST be a trend, and they MUST be a "troll". Truth of the matter is... a "troll" is usually someone who doesn't believe what they're typing - they throw a string of BS out there to get a reaction, not their honest thoughts.

That flew over the heads of about 98% of you... but a few will get it.

And as for the "this just keeps happening" angle... two things:

1. There are always doubters and naysayers - for every company and organization out there. Not just video games, either. Please don't play the victim card.
2. It only seems like there are "always" naysayers, because you "always" listen to them. Try not giving a f*** about what they say... it's invigorating. The problem there is too many posters in the teen/tween "I have something to prove to strangers on the internet" mode who just can't walk away from an opinion they don't share.

So yeah - the naysaying isn't the only thing getting old. You can add the reactions TO the naysaying to the list.
GameFAQs defintion of 'White Knight': Someone who made you realize you can't handle valid points or honest opinions if they come from certain posters.
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