PS3 sets another visual benchmark the Wii U needs to hit, can it?

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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#51
I wasn't planning on getting Ascension. I liked Kratos, but after GoW3, I'm tired of the guy. But that video does look really good. Still, this series could use a new protagonist. I was hoping that we'd get some modern day thing like the secret movie from the first game suggested.

User Info: blitz_0623

4 years ago#52
Jeroisourosin posted...
blitz_0623 posted...
Jeroisourosin posted...
Pigfarts posted...
ChipChipperson posted...
All I saw was a pretty version of the same linear and scripted thwack thwack thwack button mash action that was in previous GoW titles. Wake me when the gameplay isn't confined to narrow corridors that make Doom look like Just Cause in comparison.

I'm still far more impressed by what games like Assassins Creed are able to pull off all while having great graphics, not these linear corridor crawlers like GoW or Uncharted.

Off topic, it was about graphics not gameplay...

And that's all that matters to Sony ponies,that's why they will never be able to enjoy the Wii-U the way other gamers do,because playing Nintendo consoles/handhelds isn't something you do for graphics.

Pretty sure you can say the same to Nintendrones. Since they can't enjoy awesome graphics, they just resort to praising gameplay

Gameplay is far more important than graphics,at least it is to any gamer with common sense. I would rather play a game that's playable and isnt visually impressive than one that looks good but plays like crap.

Agreed, but I just find it funny it's being brought up on a game like God of War. If the game didn't have such great graphics nobody would be saying the gameplay is sh*t.

User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#53
Oh look, another TC who doesn't know how console launches work.
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User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#54
kyomagi posted...
poor fella

I feel so sorry for you. Tell me, which of these CPUs is more powerful:

See also:
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#55
Yep, Ascension, Last of Us, and Beyond Two Souls are all pushing new standards.
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User Info: midgar

4 years ago#56
From: Elem187 | #049

The WIi U might have a slow CPU, but its Radeon 6000 is more than capable of rendering any game out there today.... and those leaked specs on the ps4/720??? they all seem to confirm a Radeon 7000 series will be slapped in... a 20-30% boost over the Wii U's GPU is hardly going to produce any revolutionary visuals.

It's hard to say until anyone knows what tech is actually going into them, for certain. It also depends on which 7xxx they're going with.
I've heard things ranging from equivalents of the 7770 to the 7970(m). Also, no one knows for sure what the CPU is, either. If they end
up going with a variant of the A8 APUs, combined with a 7770 or something like that, you could see an even bigger increase with the
whole dual graphics thing over some of the other AMD CPU offerings - like a 35-50% jump in FPS, etc. I've seen A8s paired with 7xxx
series mid grade cards run new games in 1080p@ a stable 60 FPS, so you have to imagine something like that in a dedicated
console with developers actually utilizing the hardware could be MUCH much closer to current gen PC visuals than one expects.

I think people are overlooking the benefits of standardized hardware. With PC, you have to account for a multitude of hardware
configurations, making it hard to optimize and take advantage of certain things like 4-8 physical cores and crossfire, because not
everyone is running the same thing, meaning they're less likely to invest the time/money in including optimizations for those things.
While the other next gen systems may be more efficient, I think it'd be foolish NOT to assume they're going to be a BIG leap. You'll see.

If you look at what the PS3 does visually with what little it has, I think the next gen will wow you just as much by it's end.

Compared to the WiiU though, there's a significant RAM difference, and there's also a possible advantage to using an AMD CPU in
tandem with an AMD GPU in addition to slightly higher clock speeds, but it's too early to tell how much of an advantage that will be. I
don't think it'll be a huge difference until much later in their life cycles, by which time a WiiU successor will be out, anyway. WiiU will
still get similar ports to the other systems, and I honestly don't think it's hardware shortcomings as nearly as bad as the last gen.

They're good. I think Nintendo went with just the right level of tech to be both competitive and profitable.

Anyway, OT, GoW:A looks incredible and anyone who says otherwise needs to check their head. Looks like it's going to be awesome.
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