Will you still game if nintendo goes out of business?

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User Info: Jobocan

4 years ago#11
As long as there are still companies willing and able to make good games, I couldn't give 2 craps about what I'm playing them on. I mean, even if gaming as a whole died, I'd still have tons of games to play on tons of consoles old and new.

Yes losing Nintendo would suck, but other companies would pick their licenses up. Nintendo will always remain in gaming in some way.
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User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#12
Latino_King posted...
If Nintendo ever decides to drop out of the video game industry, I would probably stop gaming all together since the majority of the consoles that I own happen to be from Nintendo.

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User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#13

But most of my money would start going towards older games on the Nintendo, SEGA, and early Sony systems.
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User Info: cucumberking

4 years ago#14
I'd probably game in reverse and buy more retro games. I just think without Nintendo the medium could stagnate. Not saying it would, but MS and Sony are basically the same.

User Info: saduff

4 years ago#15
Good thing we don't have to worry about that.
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User Info: SychinLegacy

4 years ago#16
On the computer yeah. Halo and Sony IP's don't interest me. And every game is better on the PC anyway. Mouse far trumps analog.
Prince Shondronai 4 years ago#17
I wouldn't game as much, but I'd still game.
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User Info: SerOnionKnight

4 years ago#18
Buretsu posted...
If Nintendo goes out of business, it will be because the video game industry as a whole is dying, so I imagine I'll be gaming a whole lot less.

Pretty much this right here. Nintendo are product leaders so if they are having problems you can guarantee the competition will as well. Just wait till the new consoles come out and they slump worse than Wii U.

User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#19
of course, I'm no die hard brand loyalist.

User Info: WahahaName

4 years ago#20
I dont play games that much as it is. Without Nintendo I would just stop.
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