This is exactly how much power the Wii U has

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User Info: jmichaelbp

4 years ago#31
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#33
Up you go.
I want those high res images. It'd be nice to see what kind of configuration the GPU uses. It could answer a lot.
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User Info: Sirian_Hawk

4 years ago#34
kyomagi posted...
I like how everyone is so focused on proving the wii u is more powerful than 7 y/o consoles, but ignore the fact that the ps4 being announced in 18 days will more than likely be twice as powerful

i'll ask the same question that never got answered:

When the more popular 3rd party devs start making their games on the ps4/720, how does nintendo expect fans to react when those games dont come or are extremely watered down?

The problem is that that is just speculation. You don't know that that will happen. Look at Vita vs 3DS. Power didn't guarantee anything for the Vita, despite people expecting it to. So I guess you will have to wait and see. Just like the rest of us.
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User Info: TragicToaster2

4 years ago#35
This is an awesome topic.

It would also be amazing if Ninty was doing some corporate espionage by messing with the competitors and public opinion of console 'strength'. There is no way real life is that cool.
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User Info: ZBug_

4 years ago#36
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User Info: SuperShyGuy9000

4 years ago#37

User Info: nonty96zie

4 years ago#38
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User Info: Dynheart

4 years ago#39
jairusmonillas posted...
Whatever GPU they put in there, Wii U's WEAK CPU will just bottleneck Wii U's GPU. No matter what reasoning you kids use about Wii U's potential it will not show anything more than what the PS3/360 are showing. Kids are forgetting a gaming console isn't like a Desktop Computer. you can't expect to put a dozen of CPU fans/Cooling system inside a tiny console.

Unless you wanna burn the Wii U just so you can say its stronger than PS3 and 360 ROFLMAO.

The console has no bottleneck. A bottleneck implies that there's serious balance issues with the hardware, which we know the Wii U doesn't have. It is, in fact, a very balanced/efficient console.

Besides, Nintendo has already came out and stated (on the 2nd), that the CPU is a very misunderstood piece of hardware. I think we are going to hear more from them very soon.
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User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#40
Wait - an actual, intelligent topic about hardware?

What madness is this?
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